T-80UD Main Battle Tank - A Pakistani Perspective

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The T-80UD main battle tank is currently the most advanced and best protected tank in Pakistan...

An Analysis of the Kargil War

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Chronology of key events:

1983: Mar-Apr - Pakistani Generals decide to stake their claim...

Operation Jackpot Part 2

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This is Part 2 of a two part series on Operation Jackpot. Part 1 can be found...

Sikorsky S-70B - Right choice for Indian Navy Multirole Helicopter program

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The Indian Navy's Multi Role Helicopter (MRH) competition has been the source of much discussion...

Siachen Glacier is critical to India's Sovereignty

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The author is a retired Infantry officer of the Indian Army.

There is a concerted effort...

Operation Jackpot - Part 1

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This is Part 1 of a two part series on Operation Jackpot. Part 2 can be found...

Air India can be utilised to fulfil strategic objectives

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Air India is much maligned for its poor state of affairs. It loses a staggering amount of money...

The future of Indian power - Hard vs Soft

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There has been considerable talk over the past few years about India as a “global soft power”...

Solution to Kashmir keeping India's strategic interests in mind

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India has always approached the issue of Kashmir with a defensive mindset. It has always allowed...

Thrust to weight ratios of all fighter planes

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Thrust to Weight Ratios of all Fighter Planes

Note: Individual engines' SFC(Specific Fuel...

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