Modern BVR Air Combat : Tactics, Effectiveness & Myths

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Beyond Visual Range (BVR) Air Combat has been a topic filled with misunderstandings, myths, and...

Operation Jinnah

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The two commandos held their breath. Vikramaditya quickly turned where he crouched to look up...

Googling the Rebuttal

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These days almost all articles on India by Pakistani writers invariably blame...

India is not moving to Counterforce Doctrine

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There has been a lot of speculation on India’s nuclear doctrine since Vipin Narang, a nuclear...

Geo locating China's DF-41 Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

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The first short video of DF-41 missile went viral over the Chinese internet at the fag end of...

China's Cyberspace Whitepaper

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The following is the whitepaper released by China on cyberspace. This paper is courtesy...

The Distrust : can India ever trust Pakistan's religiously zealot polity and...

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The Beginning

“We will eat grass and leaves or even go hungry if required, but we will get the...
Sakal Gharelu Ustad

Ominous winds of change in Asia

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When Russia invaded Ukraine following the events at Euromaidan, the West lashed out at Putin...

Anti Access /Area Denial- India and the elephant in the room

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A wake up call
Part 1-Detection.
“The success of any major operation or...

India's Ocean

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Two Chinese submarines docking in Colombo finally woke up India from its slumber. It rang alarm...

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