India's focus in West Asia is vital for Great Power status

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Recently there has been a high number of visits with W. Asia by India after the London...

Time for India to step up its ties with North Korea

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With Kim Jong-Eun coming to power this year, India has a rare diplomatic window where India...

Causes of war & International relations theory paradigms - 2

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This article is a continuation of a two part series...

Indian Army Main Battle Tanks (MBTs)

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Indian Army Main Battle Tanks comprise of Arjun MBT, T-90 Bhishma, T-72 Ajeya and now defunct...

The Indian Air Force MMRCA Saga

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In 1961, the Indian Air Force decided to purchase the Mig-21 fighter aircraft after the Soviet...

Is Pakistan's JF-17 a Thunder or a Blunder

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Pakistan has witnessed new defense acquisitions in this decade than any other, and in the center...

Myanmar Air Force Tender - J-10 vs MIG-29

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On 23rd December a significant event took place which sadly went under reported. When inane...

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