Thrust to weight ratios of all fighter planes

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Thrust to Weight Ratios of all Fighter Planes

Note: Individual engines' SFC(Specific Fuel...

The Syrian Crysis & Chemical Weapons

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When Libya was enduring an intervention by NATO before Gaddafi was overthrown and killed, there...

Indian Economy - Good Riddance to Pranab Mukherjee

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Pranab Mukherjee has resigned as Union Finance Minister of India on Tuesday, in his own...​

Economics - Strategic Weapon to resolve bilateral issues

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Indias relations with its neighbours has been acrimonious since independence. Leaving aside...

Estimation of Indian Nuclear Arsenal - present & future

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Estimation of the size of Indian nuclear arsenal is very difficult considering the secrecy...

Balancing ties between Russia & USA

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India and the USSR had a strategic, military and economic partnership which was inherited by...

Modernization of Indian Railways

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An attempt for total re-engineering of organisational and structural system of Indian...

Spiraling Food Prices in India – Is There A Way Out?

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It is commonly said, each time Congress forms the government, the prices of essential items...

Causes of War and International Relations Theory paradigms - I

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The study of war has always attracted a lot of attention. Over time, many theories have been...

Book Review - The Duel, Interesting Revelations by Tariq Ali

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I recently finished reading Tariq Ali's most recent book "The Duel". For those who don't know...

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