Chinese roads and infrastructure in Aksai Chin – a Google Earth study

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In the Indian media and on social sites of the Internet there exist certain views about Chinese...

Agni V missile - What is the true range?

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India tested the Agni V missile for the second time. Once again it was called as an “over” 5000...

Narendra Modi, BJP’s PM candidate - Implications

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Narendra Modi has been been announced as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok...

USA's dangerous tango with Taliban

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The United States is going to start talks with the Taliban in Doha,Qatar where the Taliban has...

India will lose geopolitical battles against China with a weak economy

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China's GDP in 2003 was $1.4 trillion. Its about $9 trillion now. China's new leader Xi Jinping...

Pakistan's nuclear weapons - A Failure of Indian Intelligence ?

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When it comes to making sure no nuclear threat emanates to its nation, no other nation has done...

K-15 Missile as ASBM - "Bhramastra"

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In this article I will explore the possibility of developing the K-15 missile into a submarine...

Pakistan's nuclear capable Hatf-V or Ghauri missile is a dud

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According to Japan Times, Pakistan's Hatf-V or Ghauri missile is a complete failure owing to...

Hydra 70 rocket – teaching and old dog new tricks

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The Hydra 70 Folding Fin Rocket (FFR) is a family of unguided rockets offering a variety of...
Sakal Gharelu Ustad

Urbanization - the only solution for a modern India

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One of the first chapters in ancient history that are taught to everyone begins with the...

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