Building fortress Andaman - Lessons from Taiwan

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The importance of the beautiful union territory of Andaman and Nicobar as a strategic outpost...

Countering China's repeated agression

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Once again just before a high level bilateral visit, the Chinese intruded into India. Last year...

US Navy's Role in the Arctic

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Due to the geographical conditions, it is the US Navy which plays the most important role in...

Arming the Afghan National Army - Its in Indian interest

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After years or dilly dallying, India has finally taken in what can be termed as a “bold step” in...

Reviewing India's Nuclear Doctrine

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The BJP manifesto on nuclear doctrine has raised a lot of eyebrows, from domestic to foreign...

Japan lifts ban on arms export - will help create a balance of power in the...

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Japan has lifted it decades old ban on arms export adopted as part of its pacifist constitution...

Strong Navy is required for a strong Economy

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Since the time of the British domination of the world when they colonized half the planet, the...

India has to consider its security policy more seriously

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Ever since independence India has followed a policy of independent foreign policy and not...

Chinese roads and infrastructure in Aksai Chin – a Google Earth study

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In the Indian media and on social sites of the Internet there exist certain views about Chinese...

Agni V missile - What is the true range?

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India tested the Agni V missile for the second time. Once again it was called as an “over” 5000...

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