Nepal Defense Minister heading for Delhi, details kept secret


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May 6, 2009
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Thursday 16 July, 2009

With the Maoists’ Party chairman, Pushpa Kamal Dahal resigning as the country’s first Maoists’ Prime Minister forwarding reasons that he would rather prefer to resign than to bow down to the “Indian Gods”, now there is the clear and distinct sea change in the policy of the current government as regards its perception vis-à-vis Nepal’s relations with the immediate neighbors, India and China.

If Ram Bahadur Thapa alias Badal, a Maoist senior leader preferred to visit China after assuming the post of the Defense Minister then Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari, a UML leader and widow of late Madan Bhandari who is also the incumbent minister for Defense, is making India her first destination abroad.

Her preference is real and sentimental as well for she was given a new lease of life by Indian medical practitioners when she was, some years back, suffering from a fatal women-related disease.

This perhaps explains the choice of the present government, and more so of the minister concerned, to go by the diktats of the one which brought it into power.

Mrs. Bhandari is scheduled to make a five day trip to India at the invitation of Indian Defense Minister A.K. Anthony.

Save Mrs. Bhandari will meet the Indian Defense Minister, the rest of the “highly secret” details of her stay and meeting with Indian defense functionaries has not been made public.

During the visit of Mr. Badal to China, the friendly neighbor in the North had extended financial support worth One Hundred Million rupees. Will India double the financial support to what the Chinese had offered Nepal?

Reports reveal that the Nepal Army Headquarters has urged the Defense Minister to ask the Indian side to continue its regular defense support to the Nepal Army which saw an interruption during the erstwhile Royal Regime.

Though the then outlawed Maoists’ party, during the conflict period, was carefully nurtured by the New Delhi regime with the majority of the leadership residing under the nose of the Indian government in New Delhi, NOIDA to be more precise, the Indian government had been providing support to the Nepal Army to fight with the Maoists’ Militias in Nepal initially.

The Janadharana weekly dated July 16, 2009, claims that with the sympathetic behavior exhibited by the then slain King Birendra towards the Maoists irritated the India establishment to the hilt. The irritation heightened when some time later the then King Gyanendra too toed his late brother’s line.

Writes the Janadharana that “it was then that the Indian establishment has devised “Operation Shadow Circle” which aimed at seducing the Maoists and using them against Nepal’s royal institution which perhaps they did eventually.

The nepali monarchy has been sidelined already.

High placed sources at the Ministry of Defense claim that the agenda for Minister Bhandari’s India visit is not yet clear.

Analysts see underneath meaning and significance in Nepal’s defense minister Bidya Devi Bhandari’s trip to India because it is taking place close on the heels of an Indian defense expert’s recent grand revelation that China out of frustration may attack India come 2012.

Telegraph Nepal : Nepal Defense Minister heading for Delhi, details kept secret

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