5th Generation Warfare against India's Enemies

Apr 29, 2015
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1.the current imran khan government are pussy lickers of the military.but in the next election I do not think imran will get any backing.so for some islamic fanatic mullah to become pak pm is not out of question.if a strong islamic rule is imposed pakistan will be more down in economic development.
Khan's government itself has been quite Islamist incorporating more religious customs into penal code. Includes blasphemy, codification of religious literature (and criminalisation of its violation), reservation on the baiss of religion and personal laws, matched by no one else except Zia-ul-Haq. There has been no diversion of funds for S&T or industrialisation that someone would have helped them out of current economic crisis and all the centre left tendency is strictly restricted to speeches of Imran Khan. Pakistanis believe that India has some kind of "soft image" in western world because of its democracy and got everything from west for granted (and they are going to get). Just as a "post-truth" one, Pakistan is mostly a "pre-truth" society like India's remote and poor tribal regions.

PTI is even more radically mullah than that so called mullah party PPP (Bhutto's party). Pakistani establishment tried to design their own versions of BJP and Modi but ended up nothing more than mouthjob as they always do.

Their relative weakness you see now is a result of gradual process as since 70s, Pakistan has been falling to a position of weakness against India every decade. Once a challenger and arch enemy to India now is requesting UNSC intervention. It will go on like this till their strategic abilities fail to the level of Nepal and Bhutan. Aam Abduls will be more interested here to blame a PM or military general for Pakistan's failure than recognising the structural failure and unsustainability of Pak economy itself.
2.the CPEC project is gonna be a boon to india as even if the project is completed insurgencies will make sure that the chinese will be in their own version of Afghanistan.attacks on CPEC will also deter future projects by any company on pakistan.
Chinese settlement in Pak isn't going to be good for India at all. It would mean that despite neutralising Pakistan to the level of not being threat, China's expansion in western front has nullified whatever strategic advantage India has.

US and European countries have high relative power because they are secured in neighborhood and can roam around world freely. We ended one of three fronts in 1971 and emerged as a significant power. Indeed ending or nullifying one more front (Pakistan) is important for India to establish itself as a great power.
3.pakistan's constant race with india in military terms will also be their downfall as if india adapts one system pakis will need another to counter it.but unlike pakistan indian economy also grows with the defence budget.
This trend has been going since 80s and has reached its effect already. Pakistan doesn't match India anywhere militarily and evidently shied and ran away from war in 2019.

Once, they used test a missile in every three days after India. Now, India's frequency has reached to the NATO while theirs have further declined. They don't even try to compete in military regards and just maintain their deterrence.

4.chinese monopoly on the paki market will be a grave danger as competition in the market ensures fair prices and quality.but if chinese companies have monopoly pakis will have to pay what chinese companies ask them.
Chinese companies already have monopoly on Pak. Just few packets of Tata Namak and Indian medicines won't change it.
6.pakis thinking economic development will come when CPEC is done are dead wrong.with 58% literacy and girls not getting education who will be workforce.
Well, CPEC is a literally a dream project for Pakistan and can be turning point in their history if China does what it said (it although seems unsustainable now). Root cause of Pakistan's weakness against India is industries and technologies to make anything which keeps them an agrarian country and only textiles in name of industries.

They haven't manufactured a motorcycle engine in 70 years independence. So, an industrial corridor built by China if functions successful, will be a game changer for them. For them and not India because we have several larger industrial corridors and capabilities.
It's not a big deal for us because we reached far ahead of that stage even before 60s and 70s and 90s increased it manifold, but is a big deal for them.

Without it, a 1991 Indian economic reforms like program won't help them.
india has strong education system where boys and girls are educated and this work force will fuel indian economy for the future.
India isn't in a great position either. Being educated means nothing because most of our girls are unemployed and uselss economic assets (unlike US and China). We are just less miserable.

This is a transition going around world into a new era of automated industries and high living standards. Over that our population has stabilised already at this low income stage and may start decline soon. We have a lot of internal economic, technological and overseas strategic things to achieve in a very short span of time than celebrating a British experiment in our neighborhood failing or we will remain a "developing country" throughout entire century.
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Nov 22, 2020
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Pakistanis cant open up their economy because it will give competition to chineez.and they will do whatever they can to stop it.40k nukes couldn't save soviet union.biggest enemies and Hurdle to pakistan are
2.ISI(no.1 spy agrncy according to madrassa in karachi)
3.biggest problem radical ISLAM also banging goats and dolphins as they will get angry and may bite porkis already half penis.


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Oct 14, 2020
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We should force Malaysia to not support Porkistan in FATF meet, if Malaysia doesn’t support porkis, porks will become Blacklisted by FATF.

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