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Jul 15, 2018
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Jaguar drop tank.jpg

Schematic of new jaguar drop tank


for ASW training an expendable underwater target is under development. according to plans it should be capable of simulating a submarine by being detected, located and tracked by Hull Mounted Sonar, Active/Passive Towed Array Sonars, Helo Dunking Sonar and Sonobuoys. Additionally, it should be capable of simulating a target for Practice/Combat torpedo firings.


a new medium range precision kill system is under development . Pinaka and smerch has limited in mountainous terrain , due to its turning circle diameter restrictions in the poor roads of Himalayas . This new rocket weapon system developed to be mounted on 4*4 platform for better mobility in Himalayas . it will have a vertical launcher . have a range of 25Km with 2m CEP. Rockets will have onboard guidance system and IR sensors for high accuracy . it can work in autonomous mode using long range communication.

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