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Nov 25, 2020
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Q1) Did sf did sec op with other sf across the world
Ans) No Indian sf did no spec ops but does take part in exercise.
Q2) What about Western sf with respect to Indian sf
Ans) They are ahead in technologies ,gun, ammunition in respect to para sf but when it comes to endurance , strength, stamina ,skill ,tactics our boys are second to none
Q3) Your choice of weapons and resons backing it
Ans) M4 depends on the model majority of sf grunts would choose it over tavor as it has less recoil magazine is fed forward and It is made out of all metal but one thing to be taken that M4 is good when attachments and equipment are attached to it.
Q4) Good/bad our night fighting ability
Ans) when I entered into service at 2001 our ability as much as I can say has improved by 50%
Q5)Has tactical training improved ?
Ans) yup it's has we focus on tactical ,mental, physical,skills same are each one of them are equally important
Q5)Our sf equipment is inferior to our Western counterparts how we compensate
Ans) Well no country provides the other with up to date arms and ammunition they are generally 15 yrs back or old we cross that line by tajurba and other physical and mental things.
Q6)Was there a difference b/w past governments in orders to avenge our soldiers
Ans)We don't care we will fire if fired upon let it be amy government but yeah Modi's government does support than congress govt.

Miscellaneous: sir- we export the steel used for making firearm to other countries but other than ofb and companies that have come up thnx to athmnirbhar no one makes as there isn't much profit involved and rules are strict
Sir- claw is ready to make world record but covid19 really slows our progress but we will eventually accomplish it while keeping ourselves safe frm the virus.

By- Meen bahadur thapa 9parasf and claw member


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