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Jun 6, 2018
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Vedic people are Harappans
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Rig Veda Mandala 1.25.7 & 1.25.9

He knows the path of birds that fly through heaven, and, Sovran of the sea,
He knows the ships that are thereon.

He knows the pathway of the wind, the spreading, high, and mighty wind:
He knows the Gods who dwell above.

Rig Veda Mandala 1 HYMN CXVI

Yea, Aśvins, as a dead man leaves his riches, Tugra left Bhujyu in the cloud of waters.
Ye brought him back in animated vessels, traversing air, unwetted by the billows.

Bhujyu ye bore with winged things, Nāsatyas, which for three nights, three days full swiftly travelled,
To the sea's farther shore, the strand of ocean, in three cars, hundred-footed, with six horses.

Ye wrought that hero exploit in the ocean which giveth no support, or hold or station,
What time ye carried Bhujyu to his dwelling, borne in a ship with hundred oars, O Aśvins.

Rig Veda Mandala 7.88.3-4

When Varuṇa and I embark together and urge our boat into the midst of ocean,
We, when we ride o’er ridges of the waters, will swing within that swing and there be happy.

Varuṇa placed Vasiṣṭha in the vessel, and deftly with his niight made him a Ṛṣi.
When days shone bright the Sage made him a singer, while the heavens broadened and the Dawns were lengthened.

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