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Feb 16, 2009
INDIA-PAK war of 1971

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 was a military conflict between India and Pakistan. Indian and Bangladeshi sources consider the beginning of the war to be Operation Chengiz Khan, Pakistan's 3 December 1971 pre-emptive strike on 11 Indian airbases. However, Pakistan considers it to be a part of the overall Bangladesh Liberation War, in which India had been providing direct financial and military support for the Mukti Bahini Bengali rebels.

After 14 days of armed hostilities on two fronts, the war ended with the surrender of the Eastern Command of the Pakistan Military and secession of East Pakistan, recognizing the independent state of Bangladesh. Around 97,368 West Pakistanis who were in East Pakistan at the time of its independence, including some 79,700 Pakistan Army soldiers and paramilitary personnel and 12,500 civilianswere taken as prisoners of war by India.

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