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Apr 8, 2016
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This thread will contain information and related sources on TEDBF

Rules for everyone contributing here.

1. No discussions in this thread of any sort. Do it here if any discussion required https://defenceforumindia.com/threads/amca-advanced-medium-combat-aircraft-hal.36/ . Delete any unnecessary posts if made by mistake or edit the same to post new content.

2. All content must be related to information on TEDBF only.

3. All TECHNICAL related information posted here must be accompanied by evidence eg weblinks interviews of officials , pictures of officially issued brochures, research documents , videos of officials etc. No unnamed sources media links.

4. No assumptions or personal opinions.

5. Quality of information must be priority . Quantity is not required. Information posted must be to the point as much as possible.

6. Try to update old information or correct incorrect information posted here whenever possible. When it is done the one who updated the post add this at the bottom / change the date and username " last updated on xx.xx.xxxx by username " .

7. ALL WHO POST HERE MUST WITHOUT FAIL MAKE THEIR POSTS EDITABLE. When you write a post, below will be a option " make your posts editable by contributors ? " . ALWAYS TICK THE CHECK BOX WITHOUT FAIL.

Few of the collaborators : @Arihant Roy ,@Bleh ,@Chinmoy ,@fire starter ,@Indx TechStyle ,@Karthi ,@porky_kicker

If I missed someone ( I have definitely missed many ) or anyone wants to become a collaborator contact any one of the above. Only condition you must be a regular contributor to DRDO and related threads.
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