NAL Saras, Regional Transport Aircraft (RTA) & Hansa Project


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Jul 12, 2014
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India is so F*ckd up na? we call ourselves socialist nation while having no PSU ability like USSR to produce aircrafts and weapons (whatever quality so to speak), we call ourselves secular liberal democracy with capitalism expanding since 1991 while having no PVT. ability like USA to produce aircrafts and weapons

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reductive argument.

countries you are describing had enough time to work on internal aspect of their country is phases over a period of time. they settled their sovereignty first, they did a cultural revolution next, they fixed their basic infra like health and education next, they fixed their industry after that. USA succeeded USSR faltered on economic front.

by the way US supplied tonnes of equipment, clothes, vehicles to USSR before they joined the war.

India on the other hand, had to deal with all the phases at the same time. all the phases are being addressed in parallel. much tougher task at hand. India having enough resources to address these things adequately, is a very recent phenomenon I.e less than 25 years.

on top of it, colonial baggage still prevails among majority of intellectual class and people in high positions in India. Now there are efforts to recolonise India’s minds digitally.

and let’s not forget the most critical reason, during Cold War India said we won’t take sides. Even today our name is being sullied by the winners of Cold War, because of that. I am not even getting to technology denial by world powers for many years.

inspite of all the challenges, when we had enough resources. we jumped over many steps other countries usually go they. skipped landline telephone & internet phase, went directly to mobile Internet. skipped brick and mortar banks, went directly to mobile banking. and many other innovations.

win some lose some.

Future is yet to be written, might as well focus on that.
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