Myanmar, the good old Burma


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Mar 30, 2009
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When i think of Myanmar, i get these images of suffering, probably the media has fed theseimages into my head, or may be they are true.

What if we wake up to a myanmar where we know mass level genocide is taking place.

What do we do?

Keep on entertaining the generals hoping that we counter chinese influence and get more oil and gas.

I have belived from the first time i went to vote that our nation has a responsibility, to propogate this form of governance (we might be in trouble, but thats more about the damn factions and the red tape), Bhutan had a nice transformation.

So i guess my question is should we ensure that the People pf myanmar get rid or this ganster rule? Is it to our advantage(i think it is_)

Bhagat Singh

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May 17, 2009
India needs to make clear to Burmese Junta that Democracy must be restored. It must free Suu Kyi and hold free and fair elections.

Chinese are scum and will support anything if it is to their advantage. Chinese government has no moral values and does not believe in freedom or understand it.

India cannot and must not fall to Chinese standards. It must put all kind of pressure on Burmese Junta to eliminate dictatorship.

If there is ever genocide in Burma...India must not hesitate and move in and remove the dictator.

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