Mongol Siege of Klis Fortress


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Mar 8, 2013
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Mongol Siege of Klis Fortress – History and War (

Mongols under Kadan’s leadership suffered a major setback at Klis fortress, while hunting king Bela IV. Believing that Bela is in Klis, they surrounded the fortress, launching arrows at it.

However, natural defences of the fortress and its walls combined to make it impervious to such an attack. Thus, Mongols started crawling up the cliffs to the fortress, suffering casualties due to thrown rocks and missiles. Enraged, the attackers managed to reach the walls themselves, engaging the defenders in hand-to-hand combat. Mongols managed to rob the houses located in proximity of the fortress, but failed to take the fortress itself. Realizing the king is not there, Mongols abandoned the attack, riding off towards Trogir and Split.

The text below is the basis of the above account:

“Credentes autem Tatari, quod rex in Clisse presidio consideret, ceperunt undique op#pugnare castrum iacientes sagittas et iacula intorquentes. Sed quia locus erat natura munitus, modicam poterant inferre iacturam. Tunc descendentes de equis ceperunt reptantes manibus ad superiora conscendere. Castrenses vero ingentes lapides revolventes in ipsos aliquot ex eis neci dederunt. Ipsi vero ex casu ferociores effecti usque sub magnas rupes manu ad manum pugnando venerunt diripientes domos predasque non modicas asportantes. Sed cum cognovissent regem ibi non esse, dimise#runt oppugnare castrum et ascensis equis versus Tragurium equitarunt. At Spaletum autem non multi diverterunt ex eis.”


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