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Mar 21, 2022
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The Israeli army has introduced a new combat robot ROBUST M-RCV created by Elbit Systems. The M-RCV robotic vehicle is based on the BLR-2 platform and is equipped with an autonomous turret with a 30mm automatic cannon. The Elbit Iron Fist active protection system is installed on the ROBUST robotic vehicle, with its help, the robot’s radar detects missiles and shells and shoots them down with anti-missiles, the system is successful, but the radar radiation unmasks a seriously combat vehicle. In general, judging by everything that is installed in this combat vehicle, its price will be colossal. Complementing all this, UAV fire and flight control systems, a robotic autonomous operating kit and active and passive sensors for assessing the combat situation. The tank drone performs reconnaissance functions and is placed in a special capsule. The vehicle will also be equipped with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems' Spike missiles.


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