Lashkar, Babbar Khalsa may target India


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Nov 1, 2009
Lashkar, Babbar Khalsa may target India

Country's two bitter enemies - Pakistan-based Laskhar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Sikh terror group Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) - have joined hands and pose a major threat to India, intelligence agencies have warned.

Intelligence inputs say that Lashkar is planning to hit India using Babbar Khalsa and their hit-list includes UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

Headlines Today has access to a Intelligence Bureau's report that sounded the ominous warning. The report a coordination meeting between the Lashkar and the BKI was organised recently by Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) at Choburjee in Lahore.

It was decided that the LeT will train the Babbar Khalsa terrorists to help its revival in India. The report says: "It was mutually decided at the meeting that efforts of both the terror groups should be synchronised to launch suicide attacks in India."

It warns about a possible attack on Sonia, which can even take place at her official residence 10 Janpath in New Delhi.

The other possible targets of these groups include the Punjab Police Academy. The report even says that three to five terrorists have already been assigned to carry out the attacks.

Intelligence agencies in India are worried that by training Babbar Khalsa the LeT is not only helping the group to revive but is also expanding its own reach in the country.

Experts said the BKI, being older at striking terror in India, can pass on its experience and expertise to the Lashkar making it an even more lethal terror outfit.

Security analyst Alok Bansal said, "It is a big concern for India as the LeT could use BKI's expertise and wreak havoc in the country. The suspicion of the BKI-LeT link have been there for a long as both of them have almost the same parentage in Pakistan.

Pakistan's ISI is the force behind this diabolical union. Recent intercepts of chatter between several terror modules point to many meetings. Even training camps are being organised by the ISI where BKI's recruits are currently being trained for spreading terror in India.


Some one give the ISI a soda, they have got lot of hiccup in the pipe [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[


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Oct 2, 2009
isnt babar khalsa mainly based in UK,canada,and UK.during the whole khalistan tamasha in 1980 werent all these country totally complicit pertaining to bababar khalsa terrorists activity and actively supported it using isi.Isnt it true that canada govt and its intelligence agency knowingly botched up Air india kanishka bombing?west is as much responsible to all the terror in india as isi. pakistan/isi is just the tip of the iceberg if u look into the most of the terror activities going round the earth u'll find the west hand into it.


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Feb 23, 2009
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1. BKI's core members and leaders are based in Pakistan, their "supporters" are present in UK, Canada etc.
2. During the height of Khalistan insurgency, most of the countries barring Pak didn't play much of a role. No wonder this insurgency was quelled in record time.
3. Canada govt didn't involve itself as much perhaps because it was something related to the migrant community

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