India's growing power makes it a global player: US Admiral


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May 6, 2009
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Published: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 at 10:16 IST

Washington: Noting that India is now a key player globally, a top American admiral today said that a strong and positive relationship with New Delhi is key to secure long-term US interest in South Asia and the Indian Ocean region.

"India's growing economic, diplomatic and military power makes them a key player not only in South and Central Asia but globally as well," Admiral Robert Willard, said in his confirmation hearing for Commander of US Pacific Command.

"A strong positive relationship with India is essential to achieving long-term US goals such as regional security and stability, reduced tensions with Pakistan, and wide-ranging cooperation to counter extremism," he said.

"We should continue to expand our military-to-military engagement to include multi-lateral partners and increasingly complex exercise scenarios that help to advance India's military capabilities," the Admiral said in written response to a question.

"In coordination with US Central Command, we will develop confidence building measures and events that help reduce India-Pakistan tension and support the greater US- Afghanistan-Pakistan Strategy," he said.

The Admiral said America's military-to-military relations with India are very positive and expanding. Both the countries view military-to-military relationship as the foundation of Indo-US "strategic partnership", he said.

India's growing power makes it a global player: US Admiral :: Samay Live

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