Indian Special Forces in Afghanistan - truth or rumour

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Jan 14, 2014
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Followed some links from another thread here to Quora to find this story. Truth or fiction?

I cant help thinking that the writing below reminds me of the Kashmir Diary on Rediff.... probably is inspired by true events, but not truth. I hope I am wrong though!

Updated May 23

In 2002 - ’03 , Prez Rabbani wanted a modern university and schools to be established around the border regions of Afghanistan. Khost, Kandahar, etc. where the taliban and ex- commies were both wreaking havoc with the youth. There was rampant abuse, rape, bullying by taliban and chechen youth , and from those that would later join the ranks of the qaedas and tehreeks.

Anyway, the message was , that civillians were not to modernise , and the govt, is powerless to protect them from the renegade wahabi element in the regestaan. Western education, women’s schooling, sciences and languages, computers… all were haraam , and the bastards would make this statement by bullying children, abducting and gang raping girls, harassing teachers and scribes, staff , etc. Every few weeks , there’d be news of a girl ( or boy ) missing, later a body found, sodomized or raped, sometimes killed. There’d be a blast in a car or home of some teacher, or acid would be thrown on a little lady, or she’d be shot for attending classes. You know the yousufzai story, something like that.

Except , in 2004, the Indian special contingent was deployed in Khost province, consisting of some personnel from sapper, para and amc groups. I was with the section that provided security to our personnel and some diplomatic types from canada and India. It was known to us, the sit in the schools and colleges, but our job was just the training and transfer of military units and hardware, and my section was just for watching our own nominated wards ( assigned vips ). It was an unsaid rule if anything got in the way of the diplomatic effort, we were to literally ‘blow it away’ and the Afghan govt. had the ball for that. Now the local police ( brave as they were, but no match for the taaliban instigated gangs of shitkickers with AKs) had cooperated enough to give us info, numbers , descriptions of cars, suvs that they used for abductions, rapes and hits. One of these we found circling the khost university campus, which is now I think the shiek Zayed university. It was known to belong to a rich landlord’s son, and he was a suspect in a gang rape. Enough for me.

It was my ‘off hours’, 4 hrs of r&r, if you can call it that, and me and a buddy thought , “Hell ! While we’re here , why the fµck not ?” So we kept surveiling it, it was a tan range rover , with dark windows and a blaring music system, and it just idled along the only street that connected the campus to a residential area , then when it reached the campus it would stay at the gate, and 4–5 guys would make life hell for any kids around, any one going inside or coming out. Sometimes they would accost them, sometimes, they would snap pics of girls and tell them the were going on sale, and jeer, and all. Typical charlies.

We watched for 6 days , then in the night my buddy went up to the gate on one of two shitty bikes we’d ‘borrowed’ from a pound, looking like a mujahid wannabe and greeted the swine. There were five inside. He placed himself on their right side , so that the doors wouldn’t open easily, while he made conversation. He said if they were interested in some ‘real action’ , there’s a real action planned tonight, and they’re welcome to join. They were only too glad, we knew the jargon, the vernacular and slipped in easy. He kept ’em there, and I braked just outside their doors on the left , with two M34s in my jacket, said “ Salaam Allekum , Biradar” . I primed and threw in one willy pete and said, “aatisha …noosh e jan, gentlemen ”. This I think meant “fire, enjoy your meal” or something. At least that’s what the cook used t’say.

We ducked , leaving our bikes leaning on the doors, went prone, and rolled away as fast as we could. Before we were on our feet, the ball of pinkish white light had heated up the interior and their shouts were turning to cries. I’d kept the second for if somebody escaped the vehicle. Nobody did though. The M34 is a marker grenade, but also comes in handy when you need to light up an area or just burn shit down. We can use it like an incendiary, white phosphorous burns and sticks to skin , burns through bone and cloth and most stuff. Water is useless for it, and it gets superhot in a jiffy. It is basically like liquid fire spraying out in fine droplets.

I sometimes shiver thinking about the pain it must a’ caused, but then I remember the old women wailing over their abused and ravaged children the cops used to find.

Because of the sudden fireworks , no one saw us, if they did , probably thought some assholes were playing with fire and burnt their expensive car. I don’t think the locals would complain anyhow. There were no abductions for months, until a boy was found sodomized again. By this time, we were being re-assigned, I don’t know what happened after. The next , Karzai govt. was weaker too. ‘God help the people there’, I thought, and moved on.

But in that moment, I tried. Deterrence ? Vengeance ? Justice ? Plain psychopathy ?

I don’t know. Make of it what you will.​


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Apr 13, 2013
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250 INDIAN Special Forces ARE In AFGHANISTAN-Pak Media Analyst


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