Indian Army Finally Procuring Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missile from Israel.


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Oct 20, 2015
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Indian Army finally procuring 5,500 Spike anti-tank guided missile and along with 275 launchers. There is clause of procuring another 1,500 systems and with additional 30,000 missiles under transfer of technology. Indian Govt finished final price negotiations with Israel and very soon proposal will be put forward to Cabinet Committee on Security. Deal will be cleared before Prime Minister Modi to visit to Israel. This deal is very critical because it will replace all previous anti-tank guided missile that is service in Indian Army. Javelin missile deal had fallen due to American refusal for transfer of technology. Already Indian Government cleared Barak MR SAM deal with Israel for Indian Army and Indian Air Force. Recently Indian Air Force started deploying Spyder SAM near Pakistan border. Indian Army is desperately in need of anti-tank guided missile that will Infantry regiment. Spike anti-guided missile is capable is destroying a tank at range of 2.5 km and also it is top angle attack module. Spike anti-guided missile will be used on Indian Army BMP 2 IFV. Spike anti-guided missile is one of finest anti-tank guided missile in the world.

One year ago Israeli Rafael Advance Defense System supplied 8,356 Spike-SR shoulder- fired ATGM to Indian armed forces. Spike SR ATGM weights 9.8 kg and has a range of 1.5 km. The State owned Bharat Dynamics Limited will manufacture these missiles. The variants of

Spike anti guided missile are.

Spike-MR: Light missile systems for infantry soldiers and Special Forces.

Spike-LR: Missile system to fit on armored vehicles.

Spike-ER: Stand-alone anti-armor system.

Spike- NLOS: an electro-optically guided missile with range of 25 km with pin point accuracy and mid-course navigation.

Spike anti-tank guided missile are more advance than Javelin missile and also Israel willing transfer technology to India companies. India also has advantage of buying different variants Spike anti-tank guided missile. Indian Army will be able to take on Pakistan Army tanks and Chinese Army tanks. Spike anti-tank guided missile will be concluded during PM Modi visit to Israel. Israel is one of the major defense partner for India. Currently 2 star general rank officer is reviewing the Spike missile deal and after reviewing deal the proposal will be placed before Cabinet Committee on Security. May be this month or next month the deal will be cleared. In my opinion Spike anti-tank guided missile deal will be one of the best deal for Indian Army in year 2017. Strategic Defense Partnership between India and Israel will fly a new high.


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