How secure is our North-East front ?


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Aug 27, 2011
How secure is our North-East front ?

China: They have good infrastructure near border area. They have around 200 Jets, can move 3, 00,000 army personnel within few days, strong missile arsenal. It is biggest threat for India.

Bangladesh: India-Bangladesh shares border with more than 4,000+ KM. Today, Bangladesh is not capable, but tomorrow they might create problem in North-States especially lower Assam and border area of West-Bengal. Their intention is to change the demographic with Illegal immigrants. Today, Already 10 Millions illegal Bangladeshi living there. 90% Bangladeshi are Anti-Indian and party like Jamaat has such intention to invade Lower assam and part of west-Bengal. How is border area? Is BSF capable to face all threat and uprising in Bangladesh, If in case?

Burma: The Indo-Burmese border stretches over 1,600 kms. The proximity of the People's Republic of China give strategic importance to Indo-Burmese relations. What if tomorrow, Burma gives any strategic army or Air force base to China? Already China is doing some oil-exploration.

Bhutan: India-Bhutan relation is very good, So it won't make any major difference. But China is trying to enter Bhutan by claiming some of the areas. Those areas are very close to our border.

Siliguri gateway for north-east India - It is very thin pass to enter North-East. What if China aggressively blocks this pass?

How is our defense capability in various North-East states like Sikkim, A.P., WB, Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura?

What if China attacks India in A.P. and/or Sikkim and Myanmar and Bangladesh helps?

I am just considering a hypothetical situation. Are we prepared for worst case scenario?? Do we have enough Army personnel, Missile and other defence equipment to face all kinds of threat combined in N-E states? Do we have strength to mobilise mass defence equipment and army personnel in couple of days ? We don't have any naval base in Bay of Bengal near Kolkatta. Nearest is visakhapatnam.

Kindly throw some light on various strategy and capability !!
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Oct 24, 2010
Indian army demanded pajero and i read in a newspaper today that Indian government sanctioned tractors for soldiers in sikkim for patrolling.

we are getting too far with JAI JAWAN JAI KISAAN


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Jun 17, 2011
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execellent analysis mate:thumb: .See the problem of india is we r very slow in recognizing future threat possibilties.The chinese had been developing their infrastructure consitently well & had been building missile silos & airbases in tibet region ..THey also had build close relationship with all our neighbours like Bangladesh ,myanmar & Nepal .So what should india do ?
1.they must build good infrastrucutre like rail ,road connectivity as soon as possible in north east region like sikkim & arunachal pradesh ,to deploy troops ,tanks & missiles swiftly.
2.India should built bunkers in bhutan & Keep it as a standby military posts as india needs bhutan help in case there is any war in future .
3. India should resolve water disputes with bangladesh as soon as possible .We must build good relationship with them .
4.India had deployed su 30 mki fighters in tezpur air base .But we need more advanced fighters to be stationed there .like MMrca & PAKFA which we surely going to have in future .We also need to build more air base in NE region.
5.India should also built agni 5 ballistic missile silos in assam & sikim .It would act as a strategic dettrent more important we should also look for the development of our North eastern brothers like better educational instutions ,more economic projects for the development of our North east indian brother .

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