Global Innovation Index 2018: China Breaks Into Top 20, US Drops Out Of Top 5


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Dec 29, 2010
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NEW YORK — The 11th edition of the Global Innovation Index 2018 (GII), co-published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization, was released yesterday at a launch event in New York. This year’s report showed Switzerland still at the top overall, China continuing to rise, the United States slipping, and explored how countries can vary on inputs and outputs of innovation.

“The GII ranks 126 economies based on 80 indicators, ranging from intellectual property filing rates to mobile-application creation, education spending and scientific and technical publications,” according to a WIPO press release. The rankings for 2018 (with their 2017 ranking in parentheses) are:

  1. Switzerland (number 1 in 2017)
  2. Netherlands (3)
  3. Sweden (2)
  4. United Kingdom (5)
  5. Singapore (7)
  6. United States of America (4)
  7. Finland (8)
  8. Denmark (6)
  9. Germany (9)
  10. Ireland (10)
  1. Israel (17)
  2. Korea, Republic of (11)
  3. Japan (14)
  4. Hong Kong (China) (16)
  5. Luxembourg (12)
  6. France (15)
  7. China (22)
  8. Canada (18)
  9. Norway (19)
  10. Australia (23)
One highlight of the GII 2018 is the rise of China to number 17 in 2018, from number 22 in 2017. This represents a significant breakthrough because China is the only middle-income country to enter the top 20 most innovative economies, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry told a press briefing in New York yesterday.

Also significant is that the United States dropped out of the GII top five to number 6 in 2018, from number 4 in 2017.

“If you look at the absolute numbers on many innovation parameters, China and the US dominate the space in a big way,” Soumitra Dutta, professor and former dean of management at Cornell University, told the GII 2018 launch event at the new Cornell Tech campus in New York. However, “this year, China, in absolute terms … exceeds the US in number of patents, number of researchers, number of publications … so in key parameters, China has overtaken the US already.”

The theme of this year’s report is “Energizing the World with Innovation,” and the launch eventfeatured a panel discussion on important innovations in the energy sector. The launch event also included a presentation and two panel discussions on “Innovation in the Americas – challenges and opportunities for competitive growth,” with a focus on Brazil.

Full ranking:

India is leading in Central and Southern Asia!

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