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Sep 9, 2009
All right, thought it was long due that we let our imaginations run a little wild and think about possible weapons we could wield in the future.

i give a lot of thought to ( am sure most of you do as well) what next for Indian armed forces which could be game changer in future wars.

So i will start the thread with an idea that have been bubbling in my head for sometime. forum members feel free to critique and contribute.

I call this as " Bomber Truck" with an aircraft the size of A 380 or something similar.

pics of A-380 to give you an idea of the sheer size of the plane. I' am not saying we will use A-380 but just to give you an idea.

The idea stems from the fact that in near future India will be fielding high precision weapons like Brahmos, Nirbhay and LGB in its Air force. So why not have a truck load of them in the sky which can wreck havoc in the enemy camp from the sky.

I propose 8 Brahmos on the wings ( 4 on each) with carousal loader in the centre fuselage which can reload stored missiles ( upto 20) and fire. That makes almost 30 ready to fire missiles in the air. You can imagine what advantage we will have with such force in the air.

The Bomber Truck can be used for following missions:

SEAD: the Bomber can be loaded with Anti radiation missiles which can take down enemy's air defence systems. with the sheer amount precision weaponry that this beast will carry, it can neutralise any resistance that one could come across that too from well within our territory.

Facility Denial Bombing [FDP]: After successful completion of SEAD mission, this beast can be used for neutralizing enemy's important buildings like army HQ,Parliament House, Army bases etc with our very own Daisy Cutters.=heheh. This will ensure that enemy is not able to use that facility against us thus denting their war fighting capability.

Hitting reserve Formations: The Bomber Truck can be used to strike hard at enemy reserve formations. the Bomber can be fed live signal through satellite giving location and concentration of enemy reserves and the precision weapons like the Brahmos and Nirbhay can be used to strike them. Will send shivers down the enemy spine as they loose their strategic depth.

We can have a dedicated squadron of Tejas to provide layered security cover to the Bomber.

i welcome forum members to post their views and also come up with what you think could be future requirement for Indian armed forces. What we think may not be possible today but like they say, if you can think it, you can make it.
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