Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings


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Mar 31, 2022
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Is the change in govt is a intension by pak army to not have just one mentor i.e china .. During Imran a china , pak , turkey block was in making.. Imran went ahead and even wanted Russia in it . Do they want to return to saud usa influence .. Or i am reading too much in to it .. Its just some generals disliked imran for some policies and were bought by dollars .


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Nov 10, 2020
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I have read somewhere that 65% of the British army was punjab regiment Punjab regiment chickened out in the mutiny of 1857 , Punjab and Sindh are the most conquered regions of Indian subcontinent after Afghanistan and this region never gave rise to empires
call me whatever but those who served in British army were cowards i will call them dhimmis not martial race
martial race is like Vietnamese who killed US soldiers with wooden spears not the dhimmis who served in British army like slaves
The first bullet against britfags in 1857 was shot viz a Brahmin named Mangal Pandey.

As for those mcliffsiks were cucks not sikhs. Stop your retarded martial race trash.

In the revolt of 1857 over 1 Lakh brits Indian Soldiers rebelled in Bengal. Out of which 1/3rd were Brahmans and another 1/3rd were Rajputs.

Lullz comparing to vietnam. What has the vietnam gone through? Atleast make proper comparisons. Only because like never before Bharat was under siege by enemies from all sides jihadi mughals turks and wokeism trash then brits. Even so one by one we defeated all of them. But in our hour of exhaustion the last one began its predation. If only the brits had not come Marathas had already won pretty much all of the subcontinent was reclaimed our north western frontier infact was extended upto modern day afghanistan.

All that punjab region has been extensively ruled viz Sanatani Kings as in Tomars Bhati Janjua Chauhans Ketuch. Some of the Parmars were still ruling as late as 1700ad.
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