Economic disparity between North&East, and South&West.


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Feb 26, 2009
This question has always bothered me.
Today I saw a report about 2 different pedigree lines which make up most of Indian populace. In south mostly Dravidians and in North are Indo-Europeans/Central Asians/Aryans.
I would not link directly, the social issues of North and South based on these ancestoral lines.
But there must be some reasons for the economic disparity or I should say economic upliftment, and technological advancement, between North&East and South&West.
  • In technology we can see that IISc, ISRO, HAL, DRDO, all are located in South. There is no reputed Scientific Institute of this level, anywhere in North.
  • IT revolution started from Bangalore
  • Most R&D centers, and also Multinational industries which do not export products, also have units in South&West only.
  • I dont know about others, but most of the scientists I hear of, have south Indian names.
  • Majority of country's GDP comes from these 6-7 states.

I have myself noticed the kind of scientific fervour in South students which is absent in North students. And I am talking about general students, not the creamy layer. Now, this can be the reason as well as the consequence of difference in scientific environment.
Other reason could be the pedigree lines.
I dont think politicians in North can be blamed because IMO Southern politicians are as crooked as anywhere else.
What I can only see is the growth of this difference. And still cannot comprehend why is it so.
Your views are welcome.


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Feb 23, 2009
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1. Read the report. All Indians have North-South in them.

2. Read on agglomeration/cluster development. Why are there more cars in Delhi than any other city ? Why are there more small scale industries in Delhi ? Why is agricultural yield so high in Punjab ? Why is Tamil Nadu turning into an Automotive hub ?

3. IQ doesn't equate with Success. There are just 2 South Indians in the top 20 Indian billionaires(2007-8) list. Punjab, Haryana, Delhi have very high pci.

4. Cultural traits and personal ambitions matter significantly. Do you have any data on the demographics of the institutions ?

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