EADS to unveil world's first biofuel helicopter


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Oct 5, 2009
EADS to unveil world's first biofuel helicopter

BERLIN : European aerospace giant EADS is poised to unveil a "hybrid" helicopter that runs on algae fuel, a world first, its technical director has said.

The firm will present the machine at the Berlin air show (ILA) that runs from June 9 to 13, Jean Botti told the Die Welt daily on Friday.

"At the ILA, we are going to fly for the first time a craft with biofuel that has been made 100 per cent from algae.

That is a world premiere," Botti said.

"We need a paradigm shift in the aviation industry. We soon need an alternative to kerosine," he said, adding: "If 10 per cent of our fleet is lying with biofuel in 2040, I would be extremely happy."

Slimy, fast-growing and full of fat, algae is quickly gaining ground as a potential renewable energy source.

Experts say it is also potentially useful for its ability to gobble up carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, while living happily in places not needed for food crops.

"I have high hopes for algae," said Botti.


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