Doubts over Hitler's death- tests on skull reveal it belonged to a woman


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Aug 14, 2009

Fresh doubts have been raised over the way Adolf Hitler died after a fragment of what was believed to have been his skull was shown to belong to a woman.

DNA tests on the bone with a bullet hole, which was found by the Russians in Berlin and until 2000 kept in a secret Moscow vault, proved it wasn’t the dictator’s.
The results, which show the remains to be those of a woman under 40, raise the possibility that Hitler did not die in his bunker after all.

The consensus among historians was that Hitler committed suicide with Eva Braun on April 30, 1945, as the Russians bombarded the German capital.

Hitler, who turned 56 in April 1945, is said to have taken a cyanide pill and then shot himself through the head. Witnesses said his and Braun’s bodies were wrapped in blankets and carried to the garden just outside the bunker, placed in a bomb crater, doused with petrol and set ablaze.But the skull fragment the Russians dug up in 1946 could never have belonged to the Nazi leader, it is now claimed. Nick Bellantoni, an archaeologist and bone and University of Connecticut, told The Observer: ‘The bone seemed very thin; male bone tends to be more robust. ‘And the sutures where the skull plates come together seemed to correspond to someone under 40.’ Dr Bellantoni had flown to Moscow to inspect the gruesome Hitler trophies at the State Archive.

They included the skull fragment as well as bloodstains from the bunker sofa on which Hitler and Braun were believed to have committed suicide. He was allowed only one hour with the Hitler trove, during which time he applied cotton swabs and took DNA samples. The samples were then flown back to Connecticut. At the university’s centre for applied genetics, Linda Strausbaugh closed her lab for three days to work exclusively on the Hitler project. She said: ‘We used the same routines and controls that would have been used in a crime lab.’

To her surprise, a small amount of viable DNA was extracted.
She then replicated this through a process known as molecular copying to provide enough material for analysis.

The finding raised the question of whether the fragment of skull belonged to Eva Braun, who died aged 33. We know the skull corresponds to a woman between the ages of 20 and 40,’ said Bellantoni, but he is sceptical about the Braun thesis. ‘There is no report of Eva Braun having shot herself or having been shot afterwards. It could be anyone. Many people were killed around the bunker area.’ The Soviets, who went to great length to unearth Hitler’s body, were certain the remains belonged to the Nazi leader.

As the Soviet Army secured control of Berlin in May 1945, forensic specialists dug up what was presumed to be the dictator’s body outside the bunker and performed a post-mortem examination behind closed doors.

The bunker: Where Hitler and Braun's bodies were said to be burned and buried

A part of the skull was absent, presumably blown away by Hitler’s suicide shot, but what remained of his jaw coincided with his dental records. The autopsy also reported that Hitler, as had been rumoured, had only one testicle.:lol: But Stalin remained suspicious. In 1946 a second secret mission was dispatched to Berlin. In the same crater from which Hitler’s body had been recovered, the new team found the skull fragment the recent tests were carried out on. Unknown to the world, Hitler’s corpse was interred in Magdeburg, East Germany. There it remained long after Stalin’s death in 1953. Finally, in 1970, the KGB dug up the corpse, cremated it and secretly scattered the ashes in a river.

Only the jawbone (which remains away from public view), the skull fragment and the bloodstained sofa segments were preserved in the deep archives of Soviet intelligence. ‘We were very lucky to get a reading, despite the limited amount of genetic information,’ she said.


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Mar 24, 2009
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Lol 65 years on it's still a mystery when his bones are in exhibition as prized items. I think all of them have to be rechecked. Those who would have paid a bomb for them are going to cry.
Maybe the real Hitler did plastic surgeory and escaped to America an lived and died peacefully right under Uncle Sams nose!!!


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Mar 22, 2009
Great Find enlightned1 , however, the mystery surrounded over Hitler's death, and question remains 1. Is it true Hitler committed suicide and if so 2. Why SS did decide to bury his body to asses, is it to let their leader's body not falling to their enemy or is it a cover up ploy , burning a look-alike's dead body, we know the state leaders used to have look-alike or body doubles for their own protection, we are aware of Saddam Hussain's body double. Mystery surrounded over Soviet claim also, I can not help , but: Hitler's Suicide Photos



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Mar 28, 2009
If Hitler foxed the allies,even in death,it wont be for the first time.It was a well documented fact that Hitler used several doppelgangers to circumvent both domestic and foreign assassin's.Infact Soviets actually ran into one of the corpse of Hitler doppelganger right at the Reich Chancellery during their march into Berlin,but following an investigating it was ruled out to be Hitler's corpse.

While there were several eye witnesses to the death of Hitler and Eva(which included most of his personal staff)there were surprisingly very few with regards to what happened to the bodies.several rumors were flying around,mostly from surrendering Nazis,that he was cremated near the chancellery(with liters of petrol) or that his bones and ashes were taken to the Teutoburg Forest(sacred ground for German nationalist).etc etc.

Apparently Soviets were desperate enough of buy any one of them.Hitler's instruction were clear,don't let the allies get to him,dead or alive.Its unlikely they cremated him and left his remains lying around for the Soviets to dig up.

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