Conceding Katchatheevu was a mistake: Jayalalithaa


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Conceding Katchatheevu was a mistake: Jayalalithaa

Dec. 14: AIADMK general secretary Ms Jayalalithaa on Monday said Union external affairs minister S.M. Krishna's statement that Katchatheevu belonged to Sri Lanka at a time when the matter is before the Supreme Court was most unfortunate. She urged the Centre to retrieve the Katchatheevu island to ensure the safety and livelihood of thousands of Indian fishermen.“Gross ignorance of facts has been the basis on which Katchatheevu was gifted away to Sri Lanka in 1974. And the same ignorance seems to pervade the Central government even today,” said Ms Jayalalithaa in a statement here. “The consequence of this would be nothing short of disaster for Tamil Nadu, particularly for the fishing community,” she said.
She explained the historical background of Katcha-theevu as one islet used by the fishermen of both Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka to rest, dry their nets and sort their catch.

She pointed out the existence of historical rec-ords, which say that the islet was the property of the Raja of Ramanathapuram.

“It is evident that in deciding to concede Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka, the Indian government did not take into consideration the consequences of such an act on the thousands of Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu who used the island every day,” said the AIADMK supremo.

“Why has the DMK done nothing to educate Mr Krishna about the importance of Katchatheevu to the fishermen of Tamil Nadu?” she asked. “Gifting away of Katchatheevu was not only a mistake but also erroneous in law. It had been done without obtaining the clearance of Parliament,” she said.

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