Are we prepared a second kargil ,what have changed after kargil


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Aug 23, 2017
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First of all ..jayhind guys's a proud moment for all Indians. and definitely a day ..shame day for Pakistanis.... I salute all my brave heart s and their families for their bravery.
On this that year we won the war against the nefarious design of Pakistan at the cost of our brave hearts .That time we were unprepared ,and caught surprised ,but now the question arises ..are we prepared now for a second my opinion it's yes,from that mistake we have learned a lot .

at that time we were helpless without ammo ,without satellite imagery ,without any attack helis things has changed in some extents.......

now we have our own. light attach heli .,our own satellite(navic system),our own artillery.,new ulh(m777)
and now we are producing enough artillery shells.......but still we are struggling with old rifle.......... what's. your opinion guys ..

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