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Apr 13, 2013
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Turkish military jet crashes during training, pilots rescued

ANKARA: A military plane crashed into the sea during a training flight, Turkey’s defense ministry said Friday, adding that its two pilots were rescued.
The KT-1 type plane crashed off the Aegean coastal town of Foca, in the western Izmir province, the ministry said.
HaberTurk television and other media reported that the pilots, who ejected safely, were taken to a hospital but were not in serious condition.
The cause of the crash was being investigated, the ministry said.



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Aug 16, 2019
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Have heard a lot of times that the pilot ejected very late and therefore his parachute didn't open in time so he lost his life, then how come pilots who eject during landing are safe?
Most modern fighter aircraft are fitted with a Zero Zero Ejection Seat.

A zero-zero ejection seat is designed to safely extract upward and land its occupant from a grounded stationary position (i.e., zero altitude and zero airspeed), specifically from aircraft cockpits. The zero-zero capability was developed to help aircrews escape upward from unrecoverable emergencies during low-altitude and/or low-speed flight, as well as ground mishaps. Parachutes require a minimum altitude for opening, to give time for deceleration to a safe landing speed. Thus, prior to the introduction of zero-zero capability, ejections could only be performed above minimum altitudes and airspeeds. If the seat was to work from zero (aircraft) altitude, the seat would have to lift itself to a sufficient altitude.

Su-27s and Su-30s are fitted with Zvezda K-36 series of ejection seats made by NPP Zvezda.
The K-36 Ejection seat provides emergency escape for a crew member in a wide range of speeds and altitudes of aircraft flight, from zero altitude, zero speed (zero-zero) upwards, and can be used in conjunction with protective equipment, such as pressure suits and anti-g garments.

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