'AIDS, Ebola, Obama – Thanks Africa' roadside sign causes a stir in US


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Feb 7, 2011
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'AIDS, Ebola, Obama – Thanks Africa' roadside sign causes a stir in Nebraska

A homemade sign proclaiming "AIDS, Ebola, Obama – Thanks Africa" caused a commotion in the town of Minden, Nebraska this week after a local man drew the ire of area residents when he erected it on his own property.

The roadside sign was first spotted in the town of barely 3,000 on Monday this week, and it quickly created a stir on the internet as it was shared on the web first by Nebraskans, then soon the rest of the world.

"I wish it would go away, but it hit the social media," Minden Mayor-elect Ted Griess told nearby Lincoln, NE's Journal Star newspaper. "It was being transferred all the way across this nation from one Facebook account to the next," he added to an area NBC affiliate.

"There was a lot of reaction once people actually noticed it. There were several people, like car after car that came by, doing laps around to look at it and take pictures," Minden resident Chris Nielsen told KLKN.
As attention mounted, though, so did pressure for the man who made the sign to remove it. According to the Nebraska Watchdog, reaction to the sign on Facebook ranged from remarks like "It needs to be blown off the face of the bloody planet" to "Who's got a paintball gun I can borrow?"

Brett Maline, a Minden native who now resides in Hollywood, wrote on Facebook that the "awful sign" was not representative of his hometown and that he was worried it would give the wrong impression to people from outside of the area.

"I fear that people driving through will not know this," he posted online, according to the Watchdog. "This angers, saddens and embarrasses me and I hope it would you too. Let's get something done about it."
(Comment: I don't understand what the fuss is about: 1.) Freedom of Speech 2.) Isn't the man who put up the board actually right ? Something wrong with saying uncomfortable truths ?)

Indeed, it didn't take long before others sprang into action. Griess, the mayor-elect, said he reached out personally to the man who put up the sign and suggested he take it down for the sake of the town.

"I tried to point out to him that a sign of that nature alongside a highway gives the wrong image for a community," Griess told the Journal Star. "It was just a citizen who, I guess, was expressing his political viewpoint. He had the right to do so, but it was a sign I interpreted, and I think the vast majority of citizens interpreted, as being very distasteful."
Read full at Source: http://rt.com/usa/207755-aids-ebola-africa-sign/

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Dec 12, 2014
Re: 'AIDS, Ebola, Obama – Thanks Africa' roadside sign causes a stir i

Well there is freedom of speech and if the guy really thinks so then god bless him. But I am just sick and tired of putting sh**t on Obama all the time. I am not a super fan of him but I know a little how it works. When will people finally learn that there is not a single person who pulls the strings. There are many people, many decisions and it's not always fair. So perhaps mr. Obama is not to blame because maybe he had another idea or another vision but the entire machinery behind him didn't make it possible to do something right? Do you know what I mean?

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