Surgical strikes inside Pak. Possibility?

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Should India carry out surgical strikes in Pak after next big terrorist attack

  1. Yes- kill the terrorists in their breeding ground

  2. No- India should be a peaceful nation

  3. No- Pak is a nuclear power and India should avoid escalation

  4. No- Use artillery to pound Pak forward defense positions in retaliation

  5. No - Stick to cold start doctrine

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  1. Kunal Biswas

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    May 26, 2010
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    We did worst to them, They cannot forget it and never will be and it should remain that way ..



    Surgical strike is not we hold for Pakistan mainland, We hold the worst fear the same treatment that our fathers did to theirs, It will happen eventually in future, Regardless ..
  2. Sakal Gharelu Ustad

    Sakal Gharelu Ustad Detests Jholawalas Moderator

    Apr 28, 2012
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    The thread is from before. It is more analytical with the question in background. And does not reflect the current state.
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  3. Sakal Gharelu Ustad

    Sakal Gharelu Ustad Detests Jholawalas Moderator

    Apr 28, 2012
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    Thread is about feasibility and other technical aspects of surgical strike and not for discussing everyday politics.

    Future posts not on topic will be deleted.
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  4. captonjohn

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    After surgical strike, situation has changed. Pakistan has increased its troops movement and military buildup along LOC. Where four soldiers were protecting 100 terrorists, now 50 are protecting 100 terrorists. Things didn't change unless you force them to change.

    Pakistan's tactical nukes can be used only on few conditions as per their doctrine. What if we don't let them scale up the war to at that extent?

    I mean if war is necessary then let fight that war in POK. Of course, it would be difficult and very tough war but if India takes POK by military campaign and hold it no matter how hard Pakistani tries then conflict would not scale up to a level as India didn't crossed international border. India crossed LOC and claimed its area by dis mantle terror camps and taking back what was ours long time back.

    In short what if India attack on POK and take complete control. It would be war of course but, it wouldn't scale the scope of war as Pakistan won't be able to use its nukes. War will last long but sustainable. Something similar like China did to Tibet.
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  5. praneet.bajpaie

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    Mar 11, 2014
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    Can we have a comprehensive (in one thread) thread of all the international support or lack thereof of the strikes?
  6. Indx TechStyle

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    Apr 29, 2015
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    21°N 78°E / 21°N 78°E
    No surgical strike can isolate Pakistan, says high commissioner Abdul Basit
    HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Lucknow|Updated: Nov 15, 2016 01:05 IST
    [​IMG]Pakistani ambassador Abdul Basit leaves the ministry of external affairs in New Delhi.(Ravi Choudhary/HT File Photo)

    So, finally they admitted it. It's a good start indeed. After fooling their public in Kargil, they revealed those secrets. This issue will also come out later.
    I just tend to highlight few points:
    1. Any single process can't move ahead till you shove up Kashmir everywhere. You can't move ahead without this issue, your problem, not ours.
    2. If Pakistan really had the dare and capability to retaliate to any Indian Military adventure, it must have called even a fake operation as real as an excuse take on India. But they didn't. Reason is simple, Pak doesn't have capability to reply.
    3. Word competent for Pakistani Diplomacy is exaggeration.
    4. Simply created in retaliation because it's recent. Otherwise, till now your countrymen used to their chests calling them freedom fighters. More pity thing is that they have started copying our every dialogue, saying India is an ideological artificial state.:doh: •Here's something interesting. • [Must Read]
    5. Chor ki dadhi main tinka. Though, supporting with a link. •
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  7. patriots

    patriots Defense lover Senior Member

    Aug 23, 2017
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    Why we used our commandoes in surgical strike

    a question arising in me why we used our commandoes in surgical strike .....we risked their life ...when we have other options......

    before proceed I request u all to please give a look at following option s

    1. attack helicopter

    we have rudra .with rockets of range 7 km ,can wipe out terrorist bases ,which are barely 3..4 km far from loc ,we can wipe them without crossing the loc.

    pinaka can do the job ,then we all know terrorist camps are far away of civilians so no collateral damage


    artillery can do the job

    I know u will argue these are illegal ,can create war situation.... kya surgical strike ke ..baad war scenario nehi tha

    how america killed laden ....that s too illegal

    our senior members experts ...please join and shed some light ....

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    @Razor @aditya10r @Bahamut @Bornubus

    COLDHEARTED AVIATOR Senior Member Senior Member

    Dec 10, 2016
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    According to the book on surgical strike these options were considered but PMO rejected it saying that the message wont be as tough as they would want it be.

    Hence,it was decided to put feets on the ground and violate them!

    In Hindi...Keh key lengey!!
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  9. Compersion

    Compersion Senior Member Senior Member

    May 6, 2013
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    Prior to Bhutto being assassinated the fear of some was that Paki Army would get brandished to be of wrongful intent and made to show its true colors and the people in the areas of current Pakistan would go against the same. Right after Bhutto was assassinated a lot of effort (including) Indian was placed into making a strong civilian administration in Pakistan because of the handycap of the Paki Army image at the time where the Paki Army held onto a (thinnest of thin) thread of hope that a civilian administration will come round and they would "stay alive". Being the average of worst with others being worst possibly and the best of the worst scheme of things. The OBL raid added to such among many other. The Drones. The Court Cases that favor the military always. The economy being military connected. Musharraf running away from Court being the talk of dinner tables in all the capitals of the world.

    The surgical strike on Pakis would be when the Paki Army is confirmed and fully viewed in the eyes of Pakis they are not capable and also doing things that are against their interests. Its happening already and Paki Army by not staging coup and also not taking over after Bhutto assassinated shows the fear of survival.

    The above surgical strikes by India adds to the collective of the same process. The Paki Army is going in for a tough ride from all directions with many "surgical strikes". Not only India but everyone is game the Paki Army is hanging on and looking around for a savior.

    And the fascinating thing is the PRC is going to walk into such surgical strikes. Do they run do they take a hit and perish inside and make the pakis look even worse.
  10. Screambowl

    Screambowl Ghanta Senior Member? Senior Member

    Jan 1, 2015
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    Helis can be seen on radars we dont have stealth helis
    arti or pinaka cannot pin pointedly strike, it's mountainous region and it's BVR strike/indirect shelling
    You can't use airforce as this will escalate

    Best was drone , but you don't have any UCAV, and soldiers crossing LC gives a message
  11. Illusive

    Illusive Senior Member Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2010
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    Check out the surgical strike games on android, Indian trolling pakis at its best
  12. binayak95

    binayak95 Senior Member Senior Member

    Jul 18, 2011
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    Cuttack, Orissa
    The book does mention that PMO considered several options.

    A fire strike by artillery and Pinaka MLRS would be certainly as effective as the SF were (if not more) that amount of fire power, especially when directed by satellite imagery, would have devastated the terror camps and caused mass casualty - but - moving arty and MLRS into range has a big footprint. It'd be a dead giveaway. Shiv Aroor's book gives great details on how they ensured operational security and secrecy. Gen Hooda's own udhampur command had very few officers who knew of this.

    Air strikes using Rudra and Su-30MKI/Mirage 2000 - same problem. Pakistan will know when we increase op sorties - there will have to be sorties for practice runs.

    The only true alternative would have been combat drones - but we don't have them -yet!

    Besides, sending in SF is like thumbing your nose at Pak Army... we will enter your territroy, stay there overnight and kill your pets and exit Royale Style ... kya ukhaad loge!!

    Same thing used to be done by our MiG25Rs back in the day. They'd go supersonic deliberately over Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Pakis had jackshit! They simply had nothing to touch the MiG25s at their operational ceiling. Shame they were retired!
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