Pakistani forces started a fresh operation in Dera Bugti, Balochistan

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    Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani para-military force FC (Frontier Constabulary) and Intelligence agencies started a fresh operation in Dera Bugti from Dawn today on Wednesday.

    According to the local people, hundreds of vehicles of the occupying forces surrounded the “Harraank” and “Zahro” areas of Dera Bugti and seized the areas and started a massive operation. Burnt shacks, harassed and tortured women, children and old-aged the operation is going on, there is no authentic reports about arrests.

    Local people suggest that this fresh operation could be retaliation of recent attack on FC fort in Dera Bugti which killed 20 personnel of the forces and more than 50 were among the injured and forces faced a heavy arsenal and other asset’s loses in the attack. Baloch Republican Army had claimed responsibility for that attack.

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