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    Moral damage from Madonna's estimated at 333 million rubles

    Activists of public associations of Russia are going to court to recover the 333 million rubles (11 mln $) from the singer Madonna and the organizers of the concert in Saint-Petersburg, reports "Interfax".
    Prepared statement of the initiative group with the participation of members of the Union of Russian citizens, "the new Great Russia" movement "people's Council" and other organizations. "We demand from the singer Louise Ciccone and organizers compensation of moral harm in amount of 333 million rub.," said representative of Union citizens of Russia Darja Dedova. The lawsuit will be filed in the Moskovsky district court of St. Petersburg.
    "She offended the feelings of believers, has promoted homosexuality, while at the concert were children, and this is forbidden in St. Petersburg. We, residents of the capital, has suffered tremendous moral damage, "commented Dedova Madonna concert.
    As said by the activist, 50 per cent of the amount recovered from the singer and the organizers of the concert, the applicants intend to give to the city budget. The rest they plan to spend on support for family, motherhood and childhood, as well as the protection of citizens from promoting homosexuality and paedophilia ".
    Dedova also said that the amount in dispute is quite appropriate, as the singer's "insulted the feelings of many people".
    In connection with trade union activists of Russian citizens and the party "new great Russia" has already submitted an application to the Prosecutor's Office in St. Petersburg. The statement, according to Dedovoj, accepted, but about whether the production, she knows nothing.
    Madonna performed in CCMS "Petersburg" 9 August. At the concert, she supported the LGBT activists.
    After the speech, the Madonna of the intention to apply to the Court said a Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonow-author of the law banning the promotion of homosexuality. He promised to back up their claims of a videotape made at the concert. The organizers of the concert in response threatened to counterclaim, as the use of photo and video equipment during the speech was strictly prohibited.
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