India prepared for US pullout from Afghanistan: Govt

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    BANGALORE: India is taking steps to face any eventuality that may arise after the US begins to pull out its troops from Afghanistan next year, defence minister AK Antony said here on Wednesday.

    "We are taking steps to safeguard our country from any eventuality that may arise after the US withdraws all its combat troops from Afghanistan," Antony told reporters at an aerospace event here on Wednesday.

    Terming the geo-political situation in the region "very critical", Antony said the complete withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan would be a matter of concern for India as hostile forces could pose a threat to the country from across the border.

    "Nobody can threaten our country as our armed forces are fully prepared to take on any threat to our national security. We are equipping all the three services with the latest warfare equipment from within the country and overseas," Antony said.

    Concerned about Gwadar

    Noting that the transfer of the Gwadar port to China by Pakistan was also a matter of concern for India, the defence minister said though the Chinese were building the port on Pakistan's request, their presence would be assessed from security interest.

    The Pakistan government January 30 transferred the management of the strategic Gwadar deep sea port in the Arabian Sea from Singapore to China Overseas Port Holdings Ltd, which played a key role in its construction.

    "As the Chinese constructed that port, Pakistan handed it over to China in mutual interest. It (presence of China) is a matter of concern us. My answer is simple and straightforward: We will keep an eye on it," Antony said.

    Located between the apex of the Arabian sea and the mouth of the Persian Gulf, Gwadar port is 400 km away from the Strait of Horumuz, through which global oil supplying tankers pass.

    India prepared for US pullout from Afghanistan: Govt - The Times of India
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    This is just the start of Chinese Navy setting up a base due to the proximity of Strait Of Hormuz. These ships will be disguised as freight carrying vessels from outside and the interior of these vessels will be used to monitor and safeguard the shipping route of oil tankers as well as freight carrying ships. This will lead to escalation of tension between USA and China. How far China takes it will depend upon Chinese leadership of the time?
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    When he says prepared, he should also tell how. So far I see india prepared to see pak take control via taliban proxy and india losing its investments and strategic interests. And prepare for terror onslaught.
    I dont see any foreign policy or strategic moves from India to aggressively defend Indian interests.

    Pak wins, terror wins, US and the world lose the war on terror.
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    Don't understand why Media doesn't talk about GB in reference to Gwadar!!!

    Chinese Gwadar control = Chinese pipeline via GB = Unofficial Chinese Army base in GB = India looses GB forever!!!

    :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

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