Future Procurements for Indian defence Sector

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by rajkoumar, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    75 heavy-duty “stealthy” naval helicopters
    16 multi-role helicopters for navy
    45Russian MiG-29Ks for $2 billion
    12 American P-8I long-range reconnaissance aircraft
    48 warships are already on order
    384 light-utility observation helicopters
    139 medium-lift helicopters
    22 heavy-duty attack helicopters
    15 heavy-lift helicopters
    12 VVIP helicopters
    5 maritime early-warning
    186 Dhruv advanced light helicopters
    4 amphibious operations vessels
    1,580 155mm 53calibre towed guns
    180 155mm 52calibre wheeled and self-propelled guns
    145 155mm 39calibre ultralight howitzers
    100 155mm 52calibre tracked guns.
    6 air-to-air refullers
    69 MiG-29 aircraft upgradation
    105 An-32 aircraft upgradation
    51 Mirage-2000 aircraft upgradation
    8 Land Craft Utility ships
    48 indigenous HAL Tejas aircraft
    40 Su-30MKIs
    65 HAL Light Combat Helicopters for IAF
    72 HAL HJT-36 Sitara trainers
    10 C-17 Globemaster III strategic air-lifters
    6 more C-130J Super Hercules modified for special mission roles
    18 Israeli SPYDER Surface to Air Missiles
    75 Pilatus PC-7 basic trainer aircraft
    16 C-27J Spartan medium military transport aircraft
    114 HAL Light Combat Helicopters for IA
    197 light transport helicopter Along with 125 for Air Force
    66,000 5.56 mm assault rifle for an estimated $250 million (Rs 13,000 crore)
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    Nov 8, 2009
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    LCA is 4.5 generation aircraft i don't know why IAF shy to procure it may be our defence sectar is geting influenced or dominated by forgine lobies?

    Indegenious developpement and production will cost less and help us to be autonome and self sufficient.

    all the items in the list for procurement is our taxe is going out of india creating job there instade od doing it in india.

    If our self didn't confident on us who will do it for us?
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    design imperfection. in battlefield pilots wont be able to utilize it properly against enemy, angle of attack is less, very less so its ground attacck capability and dogfight capabilities are severly affected. in term of technology it is good but these technologies when embedded in this platform, they are of no good use. nitro in maruti 800 is of no use and is rather fatal
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    126 MRCA .

    N-MRCA .

    4 amphibious operations vessels ? It will be more than 4 , if I am not wrong .

    A/C carriers .

    Subs .
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    Why don't they do it all in india we have enough humain ressource, finacial ressource even big dock. why should this politicens waste public money for some amount of commisions. i am not pesimiste against modernisation of defence sectar but why should n't do all this in our won country.

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