Russia Naval Capabilities to Deal with Future Threats Part 3


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Dec 14, 2021
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The good news is that this will be my final article on the knowledge repository in which I feel like I covered everything possible in Russia's military capabilities in which I can always comeback to edit for anymore additional news, the bad news is covering ship air defenses, equipment, weapons, upgrading existing ships, new projects, cells, how many ships and subs in operation or will be in operation is going to give me more mental stress(trying to organize everything) than creating the article Russia's future air space capability's part 2. In fact, I might even have to re-edit some posts here even after I am done with the article.

Patrol Class Ships


They label the bykov class as a patrol ship but because of its size and dimensions it would fall in the Corvette class, but they labeled it as a patrol class which is why I put it here and depending on the number of projects I might have to cover I might throw it in the corvette class classification if I have to later. About 4 completed, 4 are active, 2 are being built and 6 are to be completed. The Tor-M2KM is its own air defense system different from the redut which also has a quadpack design where 4 9M331M missiles can fit into each cell with a 15km range. 8 SAM missiles are used with 8 VLS cells that will carry Kalibr missiles and will use 8 anti-torpedoes from Paket-NK system and will use Pal-N radar which i can't currently find specs for. Stealth design with a 6000 mile range. Ka-27M can be placed on it.

Corvette Class Ships


I will start off 1st with the steregushchy class corvettes (NATO to their standards classify them as frigates because of size), more than 14(9 completed, 7 of those active, 3 being built) are to be built and based on ship design layout and material these corvettes have a stealth design which would also go great with their size, and these ships cost 120-150 million dollars each. These corvettes for air defense use 12 Redut cells which can use 12 9m96 missiles in which their domestic versions have a 150km range along with talks later about getting slightly bigger missiles for a 200km range down the road, or it can quadpack to use 48 9M100 missiles for a 15km range. These ships can fire 8 Kh-35s with 300km ranges at targets and destroy vessels up to 5,000 tons. There are replacements planned for the Naval pantsirs instead of the AK630Ms and these have a 75km radar range and a 40km missile range to intercept targets, uses 8 launchers but has a total of 32 missiles were the additional are placed below the deck so in total 64 of these can be used since there are two Pantsir-Ms in each corvette so at a maximum setting 112 missiles can be used to intercept aerial targets. The radar used is Zaslon is a X-band 3d radar with fixed phased antenna array and a S-band 3D radar with steerable phased antenna array and passive radar that monitors, radio surveillance station that monitors L, S, C, X, K bands and an ECM system operating in X and K bands. Radar has a 300km range and maxed targets tracked is 50 and in passive mode has a max range of 200kms but passively tracking 200 targets. The Paket-nk is an anti-torpedo system that uses 8 torpedoes against torpedoes or submarines, the Zarya-2 SONAR system range is classified but the ship also uses a wing antenna called Vignetka-M which has a 19km range using radiation to detect underwater targets and an 80% chance of correctly identifying 10 underwater targets. Vignette detects subs at 15km, subs at 20kms and surface ships at 100kms. has an EW suite for suppressing targets called TK-25E-5 ECM, 4 decoy launchers and can use one Ka-27M helicopter as an option. Max range of ship is 7000kms.

The Karakurt class corvettes are the next set of corvettes to discuss in which they are little smaller than the steregushchy class corvettes we have discussed, and of course different armament options and sensors being used. So far, the planned number is 16, 9 are completed in which 3 are active and 7 more are being built. Based on the armament one Pantsir-S will be used so at best protection against 32 aerial targets and the missile options are 8 Oniks or Kalibr missiles. To give a brief explanation of the missiles so I don't have to explain them again for the other class ships. The Oniks is a ramjet missile with a mach 3 speed and a 600km but modifications have been done to the missile to boost their range to 800kms and then to 1000kms and the speeds have been bumped up to mach 5. These missiles fly low and are a capable of swarming meaning a missile based on what was read on its sensors can update the other missiles in flight of what targets to hit or overwhelm. Kalibr has many classifications as well such as supersonic versions with ranges of 660kms and hit mach 3 when entering the terminal phase of hitting a target, or subsonic versions where max range is 2,500kms along with claims of working on a new kalibr for a 4,500km range and these missiles pretty fly 3 to 5 meters above sea level to hit their targets. The max range of these ships is 4,600kms and as you guessed they have stealth designs like the previous corvettes that were mentioned. It uses the Mineral-M radar with a 250km range working in the I-band frequency, or in passive mode I, G, E/F and D-bands with a 450km range. In active mode 30 targets are tracked and in passive mode 50 targets are tracked. The ship also has the Pozitiv-M radar which works in X-band, 150km max range, 1m2 target spotted at 110kms, and against anti-ship missiles with a RCS of .03m2 range for that is 15kms, 3-5 targets can be tracked simultaneously. Keep in mind these radars have E at the end so I think they might be radars for export than their domestic versions. Also it can use an Orlan-10 drone.

Next is the Buyan or Buyan-M class corvette, I know they have a lot of corvettes, eventually we will get to the other class ships. About 13 competed, 12 active, they are building 2 and 15 more of them are planned. since only one of the newest ones will get one Pantsir and the rest the AK630M2s might as well talk about the defense system. The AK630M2 as a CIWs that can fire 10,000 rounds per minute, and it has a low RCS based on its stealth design which I am assuming they must have done for the pantsir as well. 8 kalibr or oniks missiles can be used and Buryans will use the Gibkas which have a 7km max range for close targets with 14kg warheads and the Buryan-Ms will use 8 of the based Igla missiles like the Gibka. And the ships will use the Pozitiv radars and it seems the Buryan-Ms have an upgraded version over the Buryans, keep in mind that Rosoboronexport sells export products over domestically made ones. These corvettes also have a stealth design. Buryan has a 2,800km range, Buryan-M has a 4,300km range, Buryan uses 20 decoy launchers, and the Buryan-M uses radar jammers, they also 20 122mm Grad-M rockets.

Derzkiy-class modular corvettes are going to be the newest class corvettes in where one is currently being fitted out and they are said to be stealthier than the previous corvettes and they will have 9,300km ranges. 16 redut cells which give options of using 16 or 64 missiles to engage aerial targets, The 1st of the ships was laid down in 2016, 10 are planned but because of take I am assuming that 2 AK630M2s were the design but can be replaced with 2 Pantsir-M which can make the 128-missile aerial layout possible for intercepting aerial targets. 8 Kalibr or onyx missiles and the 8 Paket-NK anti-torpedo systems.

Frigate Class Ships


The Admiral Gorshkov class are new frigates being built with 3 completed, 2 active, 5 building and 15 to be completed. 32 Redut cells will be used for 32 missiles or quadpacked for 128 missiles to be used for air defense and the option of using 32 kalibr, onyx or zircon missiles. The CIWS being used is called Palash which has antiaircraft guns and 10km missiles and two of them will be present on these ships, as to how much missiles (other than 8 missile launchers each) it has is unknown but it's a pretty new system but there were talks about Pantsir-M replacements for the frigates according to reference 16. The Palash EO infrared system Shar can detect aircrafts from 30kms and cruise missiles from a 10-12km range and of course can use the ships radar system, 8 Paket-NK Anti-torpedoes, chaffs, flares, EW system and carry one Ka-27M helicopter. These frigates use Poliment radars which have a 150km max range can engage up to 16 targets, characteristics of the Furke-4 radar I can't find but ranges of past variants range from 40-100km in combat mode and aerial targets tracked from 50-200. Max range of ships is 8980kms and they use stealth technology as well.

Destroyer Class Ships


The ships that I want to enter service the most would be the Lider class destroyers and that plans are not cancelled but still pending in which 8 was initially planned. The biggest feature would have been the S-500F which is the Naval version of the S-500 with 56 cells. But we don't know how big the cells are if they will be single, double and quadpacked or how long the cells are because ship height I can't find. And usually ship radars are more powerful than their land radars meaning if the S-500 can track and intercept 10 ICBM's simultaneously alone, the destroyers can be more powerful than that or have capabilities that might allow it to intercept more advanced hypersonic targets than ICBMs. 16 Redut cells that can have 16 or 64 missiles based on missiles used for air defense. 3 Naval Pantsirs which can total it to additional 96 missiles for air defense in which a total layout of 216+ missiles can be used for air defense and a 100-cell option for either Kalibr or Zircon missiles. 12 anti-torpedoes can be used and one helipad for any naval helicopter with 2 hangers for 2 additional helicopters for medium lift transport. The Lider class destroyers will have unlimited range because of nuclear reactors and a stealth design.

Next is the Udaloy class in which 8 are active, 2 cancelled and 13 are completed, some have been scrapped and others are going through refits. Have 64 cells for S-300 systems, 8 anti-ship and anti-submarine torpedoes called Silex, 4 AK630 CIWS systems, 8 533mm torpedoes 24 RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket laungers and the Udaloy class 2 is about the same but with 20 RBU-12000 anti-submarine missiles. max ranges are 19,400km.

Next is the Sovremennyy destroyers in which 7 are active and 2 are undergoing overhaul. 4 AK630s are used, 16 sunburn missiles, 48 S-300 missiles, 4 533mm torpedoes, 12 RBU-1000 anti-submarine rockets with the option of using 1 Ka-27 helicopter, max range is 7,260kms

Battle Cruisers

2 of the 4 cruisers got scrapped back in 2021 so that will save me some headaches here so the 2 cruisers will be the Nakhimov and Peter the Great cruisers. The Admiral Nakhimov is undergoing upgrades for new radars, missiles and SAM defense system, the modernization plan was damn pain but through my struggles I have made it. 10 UKSK with 8 missiles in one UKSK. In total; 80 missiles; P-800 Onyx (ranges increased to 1000km with Mach 5 speeds), 3M14 Kalibr cruise missile and anti-ship 3M54 Kalibr, 3M22 Zircon and Otvet(50km range missile that drops a depth charge for subs, Ka-27M pushes it to 100km ranges based on height launch). ship also has 8 of 12 launchers with a total of 96 missiles for the S-300. Those launchers will likely use new missiles from the S-400 system. But the only question left remaining is how many Redut cells will be used since that was talked about as well. If 6 Kashtan CIWS was used than 6 Pantsir-M can boost it to 192 SAM missiles for close range air defense. Peter the Great uses 128 missiles from the 3K95 Kinzhal system (the naval variant of the Tor system) and 9M330-2 missiles, as well as 144 9M311-1 missiles from the 3M87 Kashtan system. Admiral Nakhimov did not have the "Kinzhal" system. I am convinced that this system will be installed, but in an improved version, while Kashtan could be replaced by Pantsir-M and uses 48 S-300 missiles including the 48N6 SAM missiles. Both have an unlimited range because of nuclear power.

Aircraft Carriers

Several aircraft carrier projects were proposed but I have more doubts about new aircraft carriers getting supplied than I do with the Lider class destroyers to the Russian Navy. The Storm has a better chance of getting planned than other aircraft carrier projects stated it was proposed to use S-500 with option of using either 100 Su-57s or 100 mig-29Ks. The Admiral Kuznetsov is undergoing a refit to extend its service life to up to 25 years. Carrier uses 6 AK630s, 8 Kashtans which amounts up to 192 missiles to be used for SAMs, 12 Granit RAM missiles for offense, 24 by 8 cell Kinzhal system for another 192 missiles. Carries 18 Su-33s, 6 mig-29Ks, 4 Ka-31s and 2 Ka-27s. Carrier has a 15,700km max range

Special Projects

There are special projects in development and some old concepts that can be brought back to life like picture related. One project in development is called the Strazh which is a hybrid surface shit and submarine which based on size would have the role of a patrol ship. The stealth hybrid design would hold up to 42 people and defense, EW, radar, SONAR, missiles and torpedoes for it are currently unknown.

Although Caspian Sea monster was created but sucked at turning, the pursuit of Ekranoplans has never been turned down. How aircrafts that are large and heavy as ships manage to stay in the air with a long range is based on using the lorentz force. According to the 2018-2027 armament plan they are back to testing prototypes. The Be-2500 is capable of having 1000 tons of maximum payload, max takeoff weight of 2,500 tons wingspan 125.5 meters, a length of 115.5 meters, a max speed of 800 km and a projected max flight range of 16000 kms. A rescue Ekranoplan called chaika being created with a 50-ton weight limit and the Chaika-2 for transportation, with flight speeds of 360-400 km/hr, off-screen 450 km/hr. The flight range on the screen is 3000kms, off-screen 1900kms.



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