Ukraine to Deploy Javelin Missiles against Russian Armor in Donbas


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Oct 20, 2015
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The Ukrainian military is set to deploy Javelin anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) at Donbas, the conflict region at Russo-Ukrainian border.

“Brigades of the Armed Forces will receive Javelins during the rotation in the combat zone. Currently, one of the brigades is completing training before deployment to the Donbas. I want to make sure that our soldiers can effectively use these ATGMs,” Chief of the General Staff Ruslan Khomchak said during an interview with ArmiaInform.

"In addition, in preparing this brigade for rotation, we will work out the use of Bayraktar drones," Khomchak stated further.

The official added that “many” units are ready to use the American ATGMs.

In March 2018, the U.S. State Department approved sale of 210 Javelin man-portable fire-and-forget missiles and Javelin Command Launch Units (CLUs) worth $47 million to Ukraine. The country is said to have received its first batch of Javelins for free soon after.

Last October, Washington agreed to sell 150 more of these ATGMs to Ukraine for $39.2 million. According to Ukrainian state media, a formal contract for the missiles was signed in December last year. Deliveries of new Javelins began around mid-June.

The Javelin was developed and produced by the Javelin Joint Venture between Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

These missiles are shoulder-fired intended to take down tanks, armored vehicles and low flying aircraft. Using an arched top-attack profile, Javelin climbs above its target for improved visibility and then strikes where the armor is weakest, manufacturers claim.

To fire, the gunner places a cursor over the selected target. The Javelin command launch unit then sends a lock-on-before-launch signal to the missile. With its soft launch design, Javelin can be fired from inside buildings or bunkers.

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