Thousands around world rally against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez


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Mar 24, 2009
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CARACAS: Thousands of people around the world voiced their opposition to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez on Friday with protests held in Colombia,

People take part in a protest against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Colombia. (Reuters)
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across Europe, and even the heart of the Venezuelan capital.

A hundreds-strong crowd in Caracas gathered at noon for a rally to reject the Chavez administration's moves over the last decade, which they say has "manipulated" the citizens and left them poorer.

A few blocks away, hundreds of Chavez loyalists gathered at Caracas' Plaza Bolivar for a celebratory rally in support of the firebrand leader's politics.

In over 20 cities in neighboring Colombia, thousands rallied against the Venezuelan president, many wearing custom-made tee-shirts bearing slogans such as "No More Chavez" and "Chavez: Dictator."

Protests were also held in New York, Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Hamburg, Toronto, condemning Chavez' leftist government and his alleged destruction of free speech.

The movement was mobilized less than two weeks ago by a group called "Global March against Chavez on September 4," founded by 28-year-old Colombian businessman Alejandro Gutierrez.

Using social networking tools such as the Internet websites Facebook and Twitter, Gutierrez said he had garnered support from over 300,000 people around the globe.
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I think this may be US sponsored. They hate Chavez. As fas as i know, he won the elections hands down and has a good support among the Venezuelans. Why would people in other countries protest? What have they got to do with him. Uncle Sam might be starting to play a new game to change the regime there.


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Apr 17, 2009
The US has twice tried to 'overthrow' Chavez.

They have failed.

It does not mean that I feel Chavez is some Saint!

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