Things you didn't know about Sonia Gandhi


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Aug 13, 2009
Things you didn't know about Sonia Gandhi
Mayank Austen Soofi, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 08, 2009

First Published: 16:54 IST(8/12/2009)
Last Updated: 13:49 IST(9/12/2009)

On December 9, Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s 63rd birthday, we bring you 9 not-so-well known nuggets from her life.

1. Chef Sonia
She prepares excellent red chilly oil, a base for salad dressing. Early in her marriage, she followed many cookery books and occasionally made pasta for mother-in-law Indira Gandhi.

2. Cleanliness is Godliness
Sonia is known to be very particular about keeping her home squeaky clean. She often does the dusting of the rooms herself, especially before important meetings.

3. Indira’s cute note
A month after Sonia’s marriage, her mom was returning home to Italy. To ease the pain, mother-in-law Indira Gandhi sent a little note to her that said, “Hi Sonia, this is just to tell you that we all love you.” That won Sonia’s heart. She would always call Indira ‘Mummy’.

4. The newly married Sonia
Sonia was often spotted on Delhi roads sitting behind husband Rajiv on his Lambretta scooter in the early days of their marriage. They frequented India Gate for ice-cream.

5. Mommy in momentous times
On Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s first visit to Delhi after the formation of Bangladesh, the who’s who of the Indian establishment including President VV Giri, PM Indira Gandhi and yes — a pregnant Sonia — gathered at the airport. The next day she gave birth to daughter Priyanka.

6. Sonia’s sarees
Sonia is fond of handloom saris, particularly traditional weaves. On her wedding day she wore a pink cotton saree woven by Nehru. Years later daughter Priyanka wore that same sari for her wedding.

7. Artsy Sonia
She did an art restoration course from the National Gallery of Modern Art.

8. The bookworm
Sonia has an eclectic taste in books. An entire wall of a room where she receives visitors in her Janpath home is lined with books.

9. No junk food
Someone who does yoga daily, Sonia avoid pastas, pizzas and noodles, but has a weakness for coffee. In winters, she must have a few glasses of fresh orange juice. During her election campaigns, Sonia often chose dal and roti.

Sonia’s astro-prediction
By Advanced Numerologist, Master Lok Deepak Bakshi

As she enters her 64th year (6+4=1), Sonia should participate more in global affairs. On the personal front, she would like Rahul to settle down this year. She can still scale many new heights, only if she wants to.

Things you didn't know about Sonia Gandhi- Hindustan Times


May 4, 2009
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Why is this newspaper wasting space and money publishing such worthless piece of traash.

Instead it should be asking questions from Madam G why is she and her ladla son are missing from the Parliament from the debate on the Liberhann report.This is a very important discussion and by their not attending the debate it shows the scant importance being given to Indian Parliament the seat of our democracy.

By the way I just remembered the report is from Hindustan times which is owned by the KK Birla Group who was Congress MP from Rajya Sabha for a long time. Seems his daughter who is running the paper wants to emulate Papa dearest.

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