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Feb 21, 2009
Whatever I do in life, it has always got to do something with Cinema. Yes. Even when I write something, Cinema will be present all around it. Today is no different but yet it Is different somehow, because I am not writing about Cinema, but Cinema has made me write this.

Yes, a Movie has inspired me to write about this. But what am I writing about? Well, I don’t know, it can be called “Moral Decay of our Society” OR it can be called “Fanaticism & Communalism” OR it can be called “Humanity”.

I saw “FIRAAQ” today; yes it’s the movie about the Gujarat Riots directed by Nandita Das. Is it the first movie made about the Gujarat riots??? No! Will it be the last? No Again I believe. But this movie has brought up many a question in my Mind, Not Because I am a Muslim, but because I believe in HUMANITY. The First Question that popped up was, “Is all the Cruelty depicted in the movie, Exaggerated? Of course Not, I told myself, because I know some from firsthand accounts myself.

There is a scene in the movie in which a protagonist asks Naserudin Shah, if he is not saddened by all the Killing of Muslims, and he Retorts,” It’s the killing of one Human Being by another that’s painful” Exactly as I would have put it, because, Will a Religion we profess or Practice change the Fact that we are First of all Humans, the first among animals, the only Rational/Thinking animal around, as far as I know.

Was all the killing Rational? Was it a thoughtful procedure??? Yes, it was Rational, yes it was Thoughtful, Not from my point of view, but from the point of view of the Conspirators, the ones who burned down the Coach carrying Karsevaks, and the Ones who went onto Kill Muslims who had nothing to do with the Persons responsible for the Coach Burning.

How would you feel if your classmate in LKG stole a pencil and you and your whole class was punished for it?? Is it Rational? Is it Thoughtful? If the teacher embarks to teach the whole class the lesson by Caning them all??? Don’t mistake me for belittling the Gujarat Riots with that of the LKG case.

I as a Muslim, didn’t feel Insecure during the Riots, because I know I am from a State in India which is known for its communal Harmony and Understanding. But wasn’t Gujarat also such a state? I mean, wasn’t it known for Gandhjiji and the likes? Wasn’t it know as the home to the best of Businessmen?? But since when did Businessmen become Rioters, looters, Rapists, Murderers???? Maybe its all a part of the business.

In the movie Firaaq, there is a reference to a Database which the ritoers had access to which contained the name of all the Muslim owned Businesses, Now what am I to draw out from this?? That the Establishment is in Cahoots with the Rioters? Ofcourse they were Dummy! Who in their right mind would absolve the Government of Gujrat acting as an abetter of Violence!

Its not that great a surprise to see Politicians in cahoots with murderers or rapists coz they recruit from among themselves. But let me tell you that I found the sudden change in the peoples mindset Bizarre, Many thought of the Muslims being killed off as honor less and the urgent need of the hour.

But what didn’t Shock me was that Many a Hindu family protected and fed Muslim families and Got killed in the process too. It didn’t shock me because I know that its not Religion that makes a Person Humane, but it’s the basic thought of Humanity that does it.

Now some may ask, why bring this up here?? Why bring up Old Events and open up fresh wounds. No, I am not opening up anything. This article is just my way of venting out my anger against the Criminals among the Muslims who burnt the Coach with innocents onboard alive in the flesh and the Hindus who went onto Rape Pregnant Women and kill Children. I can’t go on a killing spree like them, because I care for a life, I care for My Country.

Lastly, Let me ask you all, Does Being a Muslim or Christian or Sikh, change the basic fact that we can all feel the same feelings, That we can all feel the same pain, that we all can be Hurt, OR Does Religion change all this?

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