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When picking a gun, what would your primary consideration be?

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Jun 3, 2022
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yes, no, maybe

who knows

in past there were accusations that INSAS magazine made by that plastic chair manufacturer 'neelkamal' were breaking in high altitude cold environment of J&K during the kargil war, then the magazines were 'improved' so perhaps neelkamal or someone else made and supplied better kwality magazines, perhaps?

and again, these kind of 'suppliers' might be outsourcing it further to other lower echelon manufacturers and they, in order of earing as much 'margin' as possible, might be cutting corners here-there or something like that? or perhaps just importing stuff from elsewhere and rebranding-reselling it in their name like in case of many like that Tactix, SSSD that supplies picatiny railed top covers for AK and so...

so everything depends on lots of things

private participation isn't some magic pill, neither DPSUs are wholly self reliant and doing it with considerations of proving 'the best' maal, as we all know it by now
Can we have some laws on quality control and management in the forces I heard from hellfire bhaiya that we are terrible at taking care our equipments in Army


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May 21, 2016
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Most probably the only pic out there in net where you could see more than two AN-94s in one pic.Super ultra rare pic of An-94s with FSB guys in Dagestan

Russian paratroopers with AN-94 rifles at the 2015 Victory Day Parade in Moscow

It was manufactured for a good decade in Russia, but most of stock went to their "special forces" and such people, later these stock was given side-mounted picatiny rails that we see on many of those AKs for accommodating newer era optics on them

some AN-94 were given newer picatiny handguards and top covers and stuff like that altogether


BUT, the idea of 'hyperburst' based rifles is not that newer either, as various prototypes of both conventional as well as bullpup rifle designs were made in past during good ol' Soviet Union as far as '70s and so
both AN-94 and AEK-971 - later revision design A-545 etc has their "roots" in these 50+ years older efforts of making rifles which can be fired accurately in burst
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