ROSOBORONEXPORT Defence export ( Russia ) Data leak


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Dec 23, 2016
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so as one my hobby crawling through hacking forums on surface webs ( for educational knowledge only ) i found an interesting leak posted in give away section, even the forum is well infamous for its hacking activities this is one of the rare time i see such confidential leak pop up in surface web, any way i downloaded and uploaded it to one of cloud storage, i dint get enough time to check through all the data and i zipped it without a password so i wont get ban for posting other forum links ,

content of leak the leak mostly from invoices and employ passport copies also mail and other requests from its costumers in this case most of the documents is related to Indian company HAL and other countries, the zip is 500mb+ zip,

ps: if you download and open the files it will be under your own risk to analyze or open the zip am not responsible for any kid of trouble or losses that may occurs due to this data share , recommended to open files in virtual machine in order to avoid hidden malware infection if any present


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