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Apr 10, 2010
What is the point of this reservation system?
I don't understand it at all. Maybe because I grew up in the US and never had seen it in effect.

Just because people were 'backward' (or claim to be) doesn't mean the hard working 'upper castes' get excluded out of some jobs, because of these quotas.
It's unfair for the government to support the ones that slack. They deserve nothing! They should get nothing from whining about their ancestors!

Because of this reservation system, EVERYONE wants quotas for a free ticket to jobs, colleges, etc. Now religion is also brought into this mess.

I say, Survival of the fittest! There is competition in India, yes... but not enough! Not with this reservation system in place.

Please explain to me why the reservations are still in effect? They are created as a TEMPORARY thing to boost the unprivileged... back after the PARTITION.

65 Years have passed. Isn't this system another reason for people to slack? Isn't it unfair in today's society?

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