R37M the Russian super-weapon in Ukrainian war

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Apr 20, 2023
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Among western stories of Russian bungling, one weapon has been universally accepted as a clear winner. The Russian R-37M missile. This very long range missile has drawn blood in this war and has been responsible for taking out numerous Su-27s, Mig-29s and a host of other Sukhois. It can be a good answer to J-10s + PL15 without need of engaging our trump card that is Rafale.

India has I guess had tried to purchase R37M (is there any info on that?). R37M is mated with Mig-31 and Su-35S. Is there any news on our plans to integrate it on MKIs or Mig-29s or Tejas?

Sorry I do not know as much about BVRAAMs and R37M weighs about 600 KG from the open source information. Can Tejas even potentially carry it? Coupled with our own AESA radar, it can be a capable weapon increasing our reach. I am not sure if Russia will equip MKIs with it. Unless we first upgrade radar with something more modern.

The idea is to give a fig leaf to allow Russia to deny other customers who want to have this missle.

Given we are a big customer, we might be able to pull it off. Does anyone know better here? Has there been discussion about R37M here in the past?
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