Punjabi Muslims absent from Mughal nobility


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May 26, 2014
Mughal nobility was dominated by Iranis, Turanis, Rajputs, Afghans, Marathas, Deccani muslims, Sadaat-e-bara, Habshis etc. I went through the list of Mughal nobles in the book "Masir Ul Umara and to my surprise i didnt find any Punjabi muslims except for few Ghakkars. Note that Pakistanis particularly Punjabis consider themselves heirs of Mughal empire.

Among the "Indian muslims", the most noticeable were Sadaat-e-bara of UP who later in the beginning of 18th century, led Hindostani faction of nobles to counter Turanis and Iranis. They were regarded as very martial community and were heavily recruited in Mughal army.

Ghakkars are located in Potohar area of Punjab and displayed impressive level of loyalty to Mughals and challenged Suri Afghans for sake of Mughals. Their leader Kamal Khan Ghakkar was well-awarded and attained the mansab of 5000. His brother, Said Khan Ghakkar's daughter got married to prince Salim. Kamal's son, Jalal Khan Ghakkar was also a Mughal mansabdar......After that no mention of Ghakkars in Mughal history. Beside Ghakkars, there is one another Punjabi mansabdar, Daulat Khan Bhatti. The other martial tribes of Punjab who nowadays dominate Pak army, like Janjuas, Awans, Khokars,, chibs, Khattars,Gujjars, jats, etc are absent from Mughal nobility of 1000 zats or above.

Its strange because Punjabi musalman stayed peaceful and never created trouble for Mughals. Compare to them, Pashtuns have been always troublesome for Mughals yet they were third factor in Mughal nobility and army after Turanis and Iranis among Muslims. For example Panni Pashtuns of Sibi resisted three Mughal invasions from 1576 to 1595, revolted in 17th century and later in 1701 their chief Bakhtiar Khan Barozai revolted against Mughals yet i found atleast five High ranking Panni Afghan mansabdars in the service of Aurangzeb from 1658 to 1707.

1- Ranmast Khan Panni, 5000 zats
2- Daud Khan Panni, 4000 zats
3- Sar Andaaz Khan panni, 2000 zats, 1000 sawars
4- Shabbir panni, 1500 zats, 900 sawars
5- Bakhtiar Khan Panni aka Malik Jewan, 1000 zats, 400 sawars

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