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vin bharat mahan

Kumaoni, Uttarakhand
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Jan 7, 2023
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its best to start two different simultaneous projects to get 12 diesel submarine untill 2032:-
1:- 6 upgraded nd bigger scorpion submarine from MDL. which hv 2400 ton displacement, drdo AIP, lethium batteries nd if possible 8-10 VLS.
2:- 6 diesel submarine with 3000 ton displacemen by L&T or any other private company. like japanese soryu or teigei (japan last year give name of countries, including india whom they export weapons), korean DSME 3000 nd spanish S80 plus is good choice.
german type 214 is smaller (1800 tons) nd little older submarine. so i dont think its better to buy them. kilo class submarine should replaced by 3000+ tons displacement. or type 214 with some upgrade can build by MDL instead of scorpion submarine.

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