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Mar 24, 2009
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A very old tree, a huge tree at that right near my house was chopped off today (pictures attached) to make way for the Bangalore Metro. It used to provide shade as a signal right near my house. Now I have to burn in the scorching sun while i wait for the light to turn green which is 180 secs.

I read a report a few days back that over 50,000 trees have been felled over the last two years alone in Bangalore for development work.

Over the years old timers like me in Bangalore feel the drastic change literally. Its bloody hot these days. Dont know what winter is like now in Bangalore whereas there was a time when even summers were cool and required a pullover in the mornings. Bangalore lot its pensioners paradise tag a long time ago, wonder if we can claim to be the garden city anymore too!! I live near Lal Bagh, a 250 acre lung space founded by Hyder Ali. Over 350 trees were cut near my house to make way for the Metro Station. Similarly, near my shop in Peenya, hundreds of trees have been cut to make way for the elevated road project as well as the metro.

I wonder if there is any comprehensive plan of the development and government agencies to plant as many trees back?

For someone like me, Bangalore's climate has become unbearable to live in, though its still like heaven for anyone coming in from other places.

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