Pilot robot PIBOT can replace pilots.


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Mar 21, 2022
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Pilot robot PIBOT can replace pilots. As you know, automation and robotization are gradually reducing the number of workers, it would seem that this will not affect the pilots so quickly, but progress has also affected them. South Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) engineers and researchers have created the first robotic aircraft pilot. The PIBOT pilot robot controls the aircraft with its own hands, while it is not known whether it can replace the pilots, but the robot is quite well done. The humanoid robot uses data from the sensors of the aircraft, and what he sees himself with the help of the camera. The creators claim that in some areas it even surpasses a person - for example, it holds the plane more evenly during takeoff and landing. The robot is able to read and memorize flight charts and emergency protocols, while quickly responding to emergencies. Unlike other systems, the robot does not require modification of the aircraft - it can control any aircraft. The robot can already control all the operations of the simulator aircraft, such as taxiing, takeoff, landing and flight. The project is expected to be fully developed in 2026.


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